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Best Fishing Gear Reviews​

Best Fishing Gear Reviews

Korda Tackle Box

The Korda Tackle Box: Standard Gear for the Consummate Carp Angler

Carp fishing is a standard in the U.K., and anglers fish for them with gusto. The terminal tackle for carp fishing is relatively simple – a weight, bollie another name for a dough ball, and hook of choice. Anglers can easily put all of their carp fishing needs into a simple box, but this can create more hassle than it is worth when trying to set up a fresh rig. If the carp are hot and hitting hard, anglers do not want to be bothered trying to fumble for what they need. The ability to reach in, get what is needed, rigged and back into the water is paramount to good success.

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Dry Fly Vs. Wet Fly

Wet Fly vs Dry Fly: Top Choices for Everyday Use

Wire. Feathers. Twine. Individually, each of these three items have purpose but not for the angler. Spend some time combining the three, and you have one of the finest trout lures known. The simple fly mimics the natural emerging hatch of insects trout gorge themselves on in the late spring and summer. Anglers who tempt their quarry with the fly are often some of the most skilled and proficient of all anglers. The skill, accuracy and precision necessary when fly fishing is not for the novice or impatient. Those who would master the art of the fly presentation are often rewarded handsomely with both prize and bragging rights.

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What is a Fishing Rig?

Fishing rigs are arrangements of items used for fishing. A fishing rig can be assembled from one or more of these fishing tools -a hooks, a line, a sinker, a bobber, a swivel, a lure, and other fishing tackle. A fishing rig is usually held by a rod, by hand, or attached to a boat or pier. Fishing rigs can take a lot of forms and shapes depending on the purpose. There are fishing rigs designed to sink to the bottom; others float near the surface of the water. Some are designed for trolling or designed especially for catching a single specific species of fish. Some of the specially designed rigs will function well for many different species.

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