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Shimano Aero – Introduction

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Shimano Aero - Anglers Gear's Introduction

Those who enjoy coarse or match fishing will carry a small number of high-quality rods, reels, and lines to help achieve accuracy and precision when fishing. Therefore, coarse anglers will want the best equipment to maximize their chances of winning.

Shimano’s fishing gear Aero products are ideal for professional anglers who compete. They’re made from materials that offer durability, strength, and flexibility and are created by experienced anglers.

In this article, we look at Shimano’s Aero line of products.

Shimano Aero

The Shimano brand is named after Shozaburo Shimano, the founder. They are world-renowned for producing a range of fishing tackles, reels, lines, and rods worldwide. The brand has many years of manufacturing experience, enabling it to create well-made, quality fishing gear.

Shimano Aero is an exciting range produced by Shimano that focuses on creating high-quality, precision fishing (and other sporting) professional gear. Having a group of staff who are skilled, experienced anglers working on their development team has enabled them to produce fishing gear that is suitable for professionals.

The fishing gear from this range is ideal for those who wish to enter competitions as match or coarse fishing. This range is designed to help anglers get the best from every line they cast.

When looking for high-quality equipment, you want a well-balanced rod that’s strong and flexible, has a precision tip, and has a great aim; you’ll be looking for good guidelines too. The Shimano Aero line is designed specifically for coarse fishing. There is much information behind the specifications and design of each rod in the range, so you can get the best rod for the type of coarse angling that you are looking to take up or already enjoy.

Where does Shimano Sell its Aero Products?

You can find Shimano products in a range of stores. Many Shimano products are available through Amazon, and this is a great place to purchase your fishing supplies. With so many products for you to choose from, you can see what others have said about them to get a feel for which product best meets your specifications and fishing style.

Alternatively, you could head to your local fishing tackle store and see if they have Shimano products available. Or, you could check out what’s available in other online retail stores. But for a large selection of Shimano products, Amazon is an excellent place to start. They have a solid European presence, and you can apply to become a distributor through their website.

What are the Advantages of Aero Products?

The Shimano Aero lines are designed for professional anglers for coarse or match fishing. They have experienced anglers on their staff who are part of the product development team. They are ideal for modern competition fishing and have been rigorously tested to ensure they offer exceptional performance.

These rods are designed for use by professional coarse fishing anglers looking for a rod to use at matches. The rods are made of high-quality nano carbon, which offers the strength and flexibility you’re looking for in a fly fishing rod and good tip action. You want a fast rod to get your lure or bait as far out as possible. This is especially important for fly fishing because your interest is generally very light.

The rods in the Shimano Aero range are long as well, and this is going to get you some distance, so again, ideal for professional match fishing.

What are the Disadvantages of Shimano Aero Products?

The Shimano Aero products are designed for specific fishing techniques using particular types of lure and bait. They are best for coarse fishing, designed for competition fishing, where the best fishing gear is required to get the most out of competitions. The rods are ideal for carp fishing, so the only disadvantage is that the range is designed specifically with a match or coarse fishing in mind, so they might not suit the style of fishing you enjoy.

These rods are also designed for float fishing or pellet waggler fishing. This type of fishing, where the float sits in the water, and you can see where it lands, is used more for rivers and canals. Some skill is required to use the correct type of float or waggler depending on the wind conditions and the current.

Coarse fishing often involves catching carp. So you might want a different rod to catch different fish. But other than that, these are high-quality rods, so if you’re interested in coarse fishing, these are designed for professionals and receive great reviews.

The equipment isn’t the cheapest option on the market, and other options offer professional fishing gear at a fraction of the cost. But they have a lot of heritage behind them and professional anglers on their staff. The company has extensive manufacturing experience, and they have been around for a long time.

What Products are in the Aero Range?

The Shimano Aero range is designed for coarse fishing. It’s suitable for professional match anglers looking for the best fishing gear that won’t disappoint them. There is a small line of rods, reels, and bars in the Aero range. Here we tell you a little more about what’s available but do take a look for yourself.


There is a range of Aero X reels that are ideal for matching the Aero X rods. Made from aluminum, these reels are suitable for various conditions and are primarily designed for coarse fishing. Professional anglers test all Aero X products to remain modern and efficient. The reels are designed to give an excellent smooth cast, keep your lines from tangling, and provide that the fish don’t get scared by your bait. You want your model to be soft and fast and get some distance with a feather-light placement of your bait or lure. You can get some space on the Aero X rods and reels; this is just what you want to catch sizeable coarse fish that hide.

The Aero X reels are designed to cope with various conditions, such as windy weather and strong currents. You never know what the weather will be like on a match day, so you must be prepared to fish and win in every condition. These reels will enable you to land large carp suitable for competition wins and other coarse fish.

Shimano fishing products are designed to be long-lasting and are made with high-quality materials. Being made from aluminum means this reel is suitable for saltwater because aluminum is corrosion-resistant.


The Shimano Aero range is a range of fly fishing rods used for coarse fishing. They are designed to provide professional quality rods to anglers who enjoy match fishing in competitions. These rods are in the traditional fly fishing design of 4 pieces that are put together and then taken apart again at the end of the day of fishing. They are made of Nanocarbon, so they are flexible and robust.

The rod and tip are designed to give you an accurate and fast cast. The guides are designed to prevent the line from tangling and increase the distance the bar and feeder travel. They have several different rods in the Aero X5 range, each offering an additional focus on achieving a great distance.

They have a rod designed for floats and pellets and another rod that is intended for multi-feeders. They come in two different sizes. Floating bait is intended to attract surface fish like carp. And there is another rod specifically for multi-feeders, mainly used for catching carp.

There is also the Aero X7 range designed for distance and power and for using feeder bait. These rods are designed for experienced professionals who take their coarse fishing very seriously and are looking for professional fishing gear.


They have a range of Aero X fishing lines that are not to scare the fish away. They have floating lines and lines that are suitable for use with jigs. Their lines are designed to be ideal for windy weather.


Here are some of the most common questions about Shimano Aero and its products.

What is Coarse Fishing?

Coarse fishing is fishing at the competition level, where you catch coarse or game fish such as carp, trout or perch, etc. You will generally catch fish not eaten at fishing matches, also known as rough fish.

Fly fishing is the style of fishing enjoyed at fishing matches, but due to the types of fish caught at games, you are not necessarily using an artificial fly. Different bait and lure types are used for coarse fishing, like artificial flies, sinking, floating, dispenser, pellet, etc.

Generally, the rods used for coarse fishing are made of carbon; this offers the angler both strength and flexibility in their casts. Long rods are usually preferred for matches because professional anglers are looking for a rod to send their lure or bait as far as possible. A good quality fly fishing rod is essential because the interest is often very light; the long, flexible rod must be fast with an excellent tip to get the lure through the air and onto the water.

Professional anglers often set up three or four lines simultaneously to maximize match opportunities. Some coarse fishing involves attracting large numbers of carp to catch with your net.

The Shimano Aero range includes a range of fly fishing rods specifically designed for catching carp. They also have some reels and lines available in this product range. The lines are clear and explicitly designed not to scare away surface feeders like carp.

Shimano has many years of experience behind them and has professional anglers working on their product development of the Aero range, so you know that they are a brand that wants the best from the fishing gear and tackle they produce.

Where is Shimano Based?

Shimano is a Japanese brand, but it is based around the world. They have many distributors worldwide and offices in Europe. The Shimao Aero European headquarters are based in the Netherlands.

Where are Shimano Aero Products Manufactured?

Shimano fishing products are manufactured in Japan and shipped worldwide. The Shimano brand has many years of experience manufacturing accessories and equipment for various outdoor recreational pursuits. They also manufacture cycling parts. The Aero line of products is a small range of rods, reels, and cables designed for coarse fishing at a professional level.

Is the Shimano Aero Range Good for Beginners?

The Aero products are designed for professionals. This line of fishing products is not intended for beginners, but if you are going to put the time in to gain the experience you need and want to become a professional angler winning at fishing matches, then why not start with professional gear?

The Aero fishing products are designed for coarse fishing. This is generally fishing in competitions where you compete to see who can catch the most significant or specific type of fish.

You will be using a fly fishing rod and need to plan your lure or bait depending on where you’re coarse fishing it a commercial lake or a river, for example? You’ll need to select the bait and lure depending on the weather conditions and the type of fish you’ll be catching.

There’s much skill involved in this type of fishing, and you need to get plenty of practice before you take on the professionals. But you might find some local matches where amateurs are welcome, and if you’ve got the skills and done your research, you never know; you might get some beginner’s luck.

These long rods are designed to be fast to get some distance on the lightweight lure. This in itself can take some practice to get right.

Another aspect to consider is that anglers usually set three or four rods for coarse fishing. That’s quite an investment for these rods because they’re moderately expensive for a fly fishing rod, so you want to ensure you’re serious before making such a significant investment.

If you are a beginner, you might be better off purchasing a more basic model and trying out fly fishing to see if that’s the style of fishing for you. Remember that coarse fishing is catching inedible game fish, like carp. So if you’re planning to catch salmon for dinner, this might not be the right style of fishing for you.

Can you use Shimano Aero Range in Saltwater?

Many reels are made of aluminum, and there are reels in the Aero X range. You are generally best choosing a rod specifically designed for saltwater if you plan to do saltwater fishing. You must ensure that all the components, including the guides, are rust-resistant. There are Shimano rods specifically designed for saltwater, but this is not specified in the Aero X range.

Coarse fishing is popular at lakes, rivers, and commercial fishing sites. Generally, you will use a fly fishing rod and cast it off the shoreline. If you’re going to be coarse fishing in saltwater, you’re looking at estuary or Brackish water where the fresh river water meets the sea. You will need another rod for this explicitly designed for saltwater. But if you’re seriously into coarse fishing and looking at going pro, then you’re going to have several rods, so you might as well make one of these specifically suitable for saltwater.

You don’t need a very long rod for saltwater or one designed to cast your lure or bait as far as the rods in the Aero X range are designed to do. If you’re looking at estuary fishing to catch game fish like carp, you will want a shorter rod that will gain less distance for your lure than those designed for river and lake edge casting.

What is the Best Game Fish for Aero Line of Products?

Carp is an excellent option as a coarse fish and is ideal for catching with the Aero range. These rods are specifically designed for carp fishing. But if you’re looking for a game fish to catch with Aero products, then trout is a good option; they’re an ideal fish for fly fishing and edible.

Carp fishing requires skill and is often a target for coarse fishing competitions. The aim can be either to catch the most or the largest fish, this type of fishing can be a real adrenaline rush, and it is essential to take care of your rod and not get too enthusiastic when trying to land your carp or other game fish. Use a net to land your fish.

For some competitions aiming to catch as many fish as possible, a feeder bait is used, and these rods are suitable for this type of bait. This releases lots of small pieces of bait onto the surface of the water, which attracts surface feeders like carp, trout, and perch. A fly fishing rod like the Shimano Aero X is ideal for this secretive fish that is easily startled because you can get some distance on your lure/bait.

What is the Price of Aero Products?

The Shimano Aero range of products is generally in the $200 to $400 price bracket, depending on where you shop. They are designed for professionals and made with high-quality materials, so you can expect to pay more for an Aero product than other options from more known brands.

Final Word: An Introduction to Shimano Aero

Aero is a particular line offered by the Shimano brand. Shimano has been manufacturing fishing products for many years and is very experienced. They pride themselves on using high-quality products, and these rods are made of nano carbon for a precision cast with strength and flexibility.

The team behind Shimano Aero X includes professional anglers who have designed the product the rods so you and other professionals can get the most out of them.

This particular line of rods is designed for coarse or match fishing. This might occur in rivers, commercial lakes, and sometimes estuaries. Coarse fishing may involve trying to catch the most fish, the biggest fish, or a specific species depending on the competition.

These rods are specially designed for catching carp. They are suitable for using a variety of lures and baits, and each rod has a slightly different specification, so you can choose which one most suits your style of fishing.

These aren’t the cheapest rods on the market, and you may need to purchase up to four rods to maximize your chance of success at coarse fishing. But they are professional quality and have a lot going for them. So, if you are looking to get into coarse fishing or fly fishing for carp, trout, or perch, then the Shimano Aero X fishing gear is one that you should check out.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you use the Aero fishing range from Shimano? What do you think about it?