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The Korda Tackle Box: Standard Gear for the Consummate Carp Angler

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The Korda Tackle Box: Standard Gear for the Consummate Carp Angler

Carp fishing is a standard in the U.K., and anglers fish for them with gusto. The terminal tackle for carp fishing is relatively simple – a weight, bollie another name for a dough ball, and carp hook of choice. Anglers can easily put all of their carp fishing needs into a simple box, but this can create more hassle than it is worth when trying to set up a fresh rig. If the carp are hot and hitting hard, anglers do not want to be bothered trying to fumble for what they need. The ability to reach in, get what is needed, rigged and back into the water is paramount to good success.

No one is 100 percent certain when the tackle box was officially designed, but the addition of a tackle box revolutionized angling like never before. The carp angler knows the importance of a good tackle box and has one, or more, for when the water calls and the carp are biting and biting well.

Who makes the best tackle box?

Better carp anglers know a tackle box is as important as the rod, reel and terminal tackle. There are several tackle boxes to choose from, but the standard for carp anglers across the U.K. remains the Korda.

The Korda company makes tackle boxes designed by serious carp anglers. Their website features a plethora of articles on techniques for all things carp fishing from the basics for beginners to tips for the serious tournament angler. If there is something to be learned about carp fishing, the Korda homepage has everything needed. Korda also carries a substantial line of additional carp fishing products designed for the carp angler.

Korda also has a clothing line designed for the carp angler and plenty of storage for rods, reels, scales and other standard carp gear.

Korda Tackle Box Bundle

Put aside your initial sticker shock you may have when you seek the Tackle Box Bundle. This is the standard carp tackle box for those who would rather fish for carp than do just about anything else. This is the box for the tournament angler who traverses the U.K. and other parts of Europe chasing carp.

This does not mean the casual angler would not benefit from this Korda box. Consider this to be a purchase similar to buying the best of the best in carp angling. Buy this particular box, and you will have no need for any other so long as you enjoy carp fishing.

This is the one of two five-star reviewed box on Amazon U.K. as well. Still not convinced? Consider the following:

The package contains: tackle box, large leader-safe, nine compartment mini-box, 16 compartment mini-box, three accessory boxes

The Korda Tackle Box Bundle description:

  • 29 compartments of various sizes, perfect for small items
  • Magnetic board for up to 10 pre-tied rigs
  • Plenty of room for Korda specific gear: Leader-Safe, mini boxes, square spooks and Kamakura hook boxes
  • Two large and three small movable dividers to adjust size and layout for specific angler needs

Korda Compac Carryall

Some time back, the world of tackle storage took a huge turn. Just like it was a revolution when tackle storage went from metal boxes to plastic, so did the plastic tackle box give way to soft side tackle bags. Rather than have levels of storage that fold out, soft side bags use smaller individual plastic boxes that can be mixed and matched depending on the specific needs of the day.

Not to be left out, the Korda company recognized the value of soft side tackle bags and created the Compac Carryall. This bag is perfect for everything needed at water’s edge.

The Compac Carryall is the second five star reviewed Korda product on Amazon U.K. This should speak to the quality of products Korda produces. Need to know more about this soft side tackle bag?

The Korda Compac Carryall description:

  • Water resistant fabric
  • Waterproof base
  • Storage pocket on underside of the lid
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Wipe clean interior
  • Sturdy zippers

Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box

The weekender who fishes to get away after a long day at work or some other reason obviously does not need everything under the sun plus for their carp angling experiences. However, they do need a quality tackle box to keep everything neat and orderThe Korda Tackle Box: Standard Gear for the Consummate Carp Anglerly. For these anglers, the Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box is the top choice.

This Korda model does not have the depth, physically and figuratively, of the previous Korda model. Do not confuse a lack of additional or removable storage as being less effective for the carp angler. This box works and works well. As we have said in other pieces about carp angling – the carp really does not mind what sort of box is used to carry tackle. This is bare bones complete tackle box for the carp angler.

The Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box description:

  • 29 compartments of various sizes for all angling equipment needs
  • Two part hinged box, so angler can see all contents at the same time
  • Compact and easy to carry to and from water side

Korda Super Compact Tackle Safe Tacklesafe Box KBOX5

Most carp anglers know carry a few rods with them to the water’s edge. This means: rods, rod holders, bait indicators, perhaps a small lunch box and tackle box. This can get difficult because of the amount of gear and make moving awkward. Multiple trips are always feasible, but depending on how difficult it is to get to the water’s edge may mean awkward trumps repeated travel.

The Korda Super Compact Tackle Safe Tacklesafe Box KBOX5 description:

  • Standard 29 compartments for all fishing needs
  • Compact, easy to carry in a pocket
  • Two sided hinged in the middle

Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi KBOX4

Some anglers carry tackle in separate containers. There is still a need for rigs, however. For those anglers that need rigs and rigs alone, there is the Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi.

The Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi description:

  • Newest member of the Kordi Rigsafe range of rig gear
  • 12 compartments for absolute basics of rigs and little more
  • Perfect for those who do not need lots of rig space
  • Special storage for small rig components
  • Machined aluminum bar

Korda Compac Kamo Storage System

Just like the soft side tackle bag, the Korda Compac Kamo Storage System is a fabric bag capable of holding everything the carp angler needs when on water’s side.

The Korda Compac Kamo Storage System description:

  • Variety of sizes from the 100 to the 200 depending on needs
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Ample space for all gear
  • Zips completely closed with two-way zippers with pulls
  • Lightweight and easily portable

What every tackle box should have

The complete carp angler knows the basics of rod and reel. After this, the carp angler should have plenty of the following for a successful day at the water:

  • Hooks — Smaller is better. A big fish will bite on a small hook. A small fish cannot bite a large hook. It is a wise idea to use circle hooks over straight as well. Circle hooks set better on the edge of the mouth on a moving fish.
  • Bait — Balls of dough are always best, but there are artificial baits that work and work well.
  • Pre-rigged set-ups — If the carp are hot and biting, the angler will not have time to stop what they are doing and tie up fresh rigs. It is always best to have plenty of pre-rigged set-ups. Variety is key: hair rigs, multi rigs, spinner rigs, Withy pool rigs and shotshank rigs.

Who is the owner of Korda tackle?

Almost 30 years ago, a serious carp angler named Danny Fairbrass walked away from a successful career at NatWest and started Korda Developments. What started in a garage is now the one of the largest carp tackle makes in the U.K. and the world. Korda makes everything a carp angler needs from hooks to bite indicators and all things in between.

We have taken the time to review your options for Korda tackle boxes. There are other companies who make carp fishing tackle boxes, but as the adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” It is always a strong suggestion to spend the extra for the quality. You will appreciate it in the long run in your carp fishing journey.