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14 Best Carp Hooks on Amazon

Millions of anglers worldwide devote their time to fishing for different species of carp. If you have ever wondered which barbless hooks for fishing are best suited for your next carp fishing experience, this may be a great place to start!

What are the Benefits of Barbless Fishing Hook for Carps?

Barbless hooks have a bit of a reputation. For starters, they are not as harmful to the fish as barbed hooks. These hooks make it possible to avoid injury to the fish if you would like to practice catch-and-release fishing.

Additionally, barbless are ultimately more low risk than barbed hooks because there is a lesser chance of hurting yourself. This makes barbless hooks the almost perfect counterpart for any fly-fishing expedition.

Carp fishing has specific fishing methods rarely used for other types of fishing. Anglers who approach carp fishing thinking that it’s easy can be quickly humbled as a delicate presentation is required to avoid spooking the fish (they can be remarkably fickle, sometimes refusing to take any offer.)

To extract the fish safely from the water without harming it, anglers can employ the use of safety fishing nets, barbless carp hooks, and other tools designed with both efficiency and fish safety in mind.

What are the Negatives of Barbless Carp Hooks?

There are also some negatives to using barbless carp hooks. For one, without the barb, it can be easier for the fish to untangle itself from your hook. Therefore, many anglers, especially those new to the hobby, find that they lose a lot of their potential catch.

There are ways that anglers can overcome this, and it isn’t that hard to learn. But the technique takes time to learn and you might need to get help from a more experienced angler.

Another challenge for the barbless hook is that it can be difficult to find the hooks at the local tackle shop. They are available online, as we are going to demonstrate, from numerous brands. You can also have a wider choice online than you would ever have at a tackle store.

Tips for Carp Fishing with Barbless Carp Hooks

If you’re looking for a better performance with carp hooks, then you might want to consider some of these tips. All of them can help you to catch more carp with ease.

  1. Choose the Right Pattern

The first thing to always look at is the hook you’re selecting first. A good hook from the outset will improve the catch you can achieve. Ensuring that you have the right hook size and pattern is important. To help you, match the hook size with the bait that you would like to use.

  1. Check the Sharpness of the Hook Point

The next thing you need to do is to ensure that your hook is sharp. It is important to constantly ensure that your hook is sharp for every cast that you do, from as soon as you’ve bought it to the last cast. There are also ways that you can sharpen a hook that has lost that edge. There are sharpening tools available in most tackle shops as well as from general stores.

  1. Add a Kicker

Adding a kicker to a hook system can help it to stay in when it hooks a catch. A secure hook hold is positioned in the bottom lip of the carp. For this to happen, what needs to happen is for the hook to quickly turn aggressively in a point-down option. To do this, you need to add a performed sleeve or length of shrink tubing that is angled onto the hook eye.

  1. Add some weight

In addition to the kicker, as mentioned above, you will want to add some weight to your line. This should be added about an inch or so down the hooklink. It can help to turn the hook in a downward point to target the best location to hook the carp. There are numerous ways you can add weight to your hook, including using a split shot, tungsten sinker or ring putty molded onto the hooklink can add the extra turning speed you need to hook the carp.

  1. Blowback Style for the Hookbait

When you use a rig rink on the hair, you can allow the hookbait to be mounted in a blowback style. There are a few advantages for any angler, including it offers a far better penetrative force to the hook, increasing the chances that the carp hook on the first attempt. It will also keep the hookbait from getting in the way.

  1. Be Aggressive when Positioning the Hair

For those who are not a fan of rig rings, or not suitable for your sig, then you can add a small piece of tubing, positioning the hair aggressively to help. You can secure the exit point of the hair right the way around the bend of the hook. This allows your hook to be more precise when it is catching the carp.

  1. ‘KD’ Style

When it comes to going barbless, you want to make the hook more aggressive to ensure that you can get the catch. One option is to tie the rig in a ‘KD’ style. This style does not need the tubing as mentioned. All you need to do is to exit the hair from a knotless knot after you’ve made the second turn in the whipping process.

  1. The Lead

Next, you need to drop the lead from your rig. They don’t help when it comes to the fight and can hinder reeling in your catch. Therefore, unless you’re using a light lead on your rig, then you should use other options to get the hook into the water for the carp to find.

The Best Barbless Carp Hooks

Eupheng Plus Carp Hook

This versatile hook is handy for fly fishing purposes. Eupheng hooks are very durable and resistant to corrosion, making them appropriate for fishing in salt water and fresh water. They have a wide hook gap that makes them highly useful for an aggressive hook set.


  • This carp fishing hook is very durable.
  • It enhances your chances of making a catch finely.
  • It is corrosion/rust-resistant.
  • It works well in fresh and saltwater.


  • Some of the product users inferred that the hook’s edge is a bit too sharp.
  • It is a bit heavy.

Mustad Classic 34007 O’Shaughnessy Carp Hook

The strong Classic stainless-steel hook series is an all-time favorite with anglers all over the world. Its long-shanked hook is handy for long natural baits and works perfectly for trolling and stationary fishing. It is a time-tested hook, which features stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance. It employs a unique technology that makes its hooks lighter and up to 30% stronger.


  • This carp fishing hook is quite durable and strong.
  • It has a significant holding capacity.
  • Its grip technology is very efficient in attracting baits.
  • This product’s sharpness is designed to last.


  • This hook is relatively small.
  • It is also primarily designed for saltwater and would function best in this medium.

AGOOL Carp Hooks

AGOOL is rated as one of the best trout hooks because it has a long and reversed point to hover a catch securely. It is designed with high carbon steel and is plated with black nickel to enhance its durability and toughness.  It also has a chemically etched point that is long, sharp and straight.


  • It hooks fishes with a low mortality rate.
  • It can withstand line strains.
  • It helps to increase your catch.
  • It is strong and highly durable.


  • It is quite large
  • It is also a bit heavy.

Bassdash Fly Fishing Hook

This product is very good at what it does and is one of the best fly-fishing hooks you will find. It pierces fast and holds well as a result of its ultra-sharp high-carbon steel design. Bassdash fly fishing hooks are also resistant to corrosion and quite effective in tying jig nymph patterns.


  • It is a very durable hook.
  • This product comes with a quality reusable fly box.
  • It is entirely secure and holds your catch.
  • It has a black nickel finish that makes it resistant to corrosion.


  • This hook is sized small.
  • It easily tangles with each other.

Gamakatsu Octopus Carp Hook

This hook is one of the best hooks in today’s market. Gamakatsu Octopus Barbless hook is a great multipurpose choice hook that adheres to all the official barbless hook regulations. The hook (made of high carbon steel) also happens to be very strong and durable, with a conically honed point that stays sharp and effective.


  • This carp fishing hook adheres to the standard barbless hook regulations.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It has an intuitive design that secures the catch right in the mouth corner.
  • Well suited for saltwater anglers.


  • This hook is not quite as effective in springs and is more suited to saltwater fishing.

Owner 4306 Carp Hook

This chrome-plated hook is quite appropriately one of the better barbless hooks on the market. The owner 4306 has a “V” bend to secure catches and is quite effective and capable of withstanding working strain.


  • This hook is strong and durable.
  • The hooks have no escape feature.
  • The bend very effectively secures your catch.
  • It is also quite sharp.


  • Some users consider the pricing a bit over the top.
  • You will need to be extra careful when handling it because of its very sharp edge.

Gamakatsu Red Barbless Octopus Carp Fishing Hook

This hook is manufactured with a sharp conical point for more comfortable and quicker catches. It is an excellent choice for saltwater anglers who want to use bait. With its high carbon steel construction, the Gamakatsu Red Barbless Octopus Hook works very well for strength and durability. This barbless hook also follows all the barbless hook regulations, is sharp right out of the package, and stays sharp.


  • It is very durable and strong.
  • It is very sharp and stays sharp for a good while.
  • It is very well suited for saltwater.


  • This hook is more suited for saltwater fishing.
  • It doesn’t entirely function effectively for hooking springs.

Partridge Patriot Czech Nymph Carp Hook

This Authentic Heavy competition hook is quite an option for carp fishing. It is designed from heavy over-sized wire retains a wide gape even when fully dressed. This hook has a nickel finish; thus, it is resistant to corrosives and more durable.


  • This hook can withstand the heavy strain on the hook line.
  • It is very durable and strong.
  • You can attach flies to this hook easily.
  • It is very effective.


  • Some users feel this product is a bit heavy.
  • It needs to be handled with care due to its sharpness.

SILANON Barbless Fishing Hooks

These are very strong, very sharp fishing hooks. This pack contains more than 100 hooks of different sizes, allowing you to choose the right hook for your current fishing trip and the game fish that you’re trying to catch. The hook has also been designed to increase the rate of fishing while also reducing the chances of harm being done to your catch.


  • High-strength fishing hooks for the best experience when catching fish.
  • Protects the fish with a better design for the fish.
  • Is perfect for any freshwater fishing and can also be used in saltwater.
  • Lots of hooks have been included within the pack, for longevity.


  • Very sharp, so should not be used by children.
  • Hard to find anywhere else but online.

Owner 4306 Barbless No Escape Super Sharp Hook

One of the most expensive options when it comes to fishing hooks, this option is a very sharp hook that will make all the difference when it comes to catching carp on your next fishing excursion. The chrome hook comes in just black, but it has several sizes that can be purchased, so you can choose what hook you need for the size of the game fish that you’re chasing.


  • Comes in a range of fishing hook sizes that help you to have the best hook for your game fish.
  • Strong design, allowing you to keep fishing for years to come.
  • Very sharp point for additional penetration.
  • The color can be very useful in making sure that the bait attracts the game fish.


  • Very expensive for one hook, but it might be very cost-effective.
  • Only comes in a single pack.

AMHDV Small Carp Fishing Hooks with Line

This pack of 20 comes with a line that can be used with ease. It allows those who are new to fishing to use the hook with a line without messing with a line. And it can help save time for professional anglers as well. The hook is made from high-carbon steel and is very sharp and it is challenging to break.


  • The perfect carp fishing hook set for numerous freshwater fish.
  • Relatively small fishing hook for younger fish.
  • A cost-effective option for those who are starting to fish.
  • Best hook-and-line set for those starting in the fishing hobby.


  • Small in size, so suitable only for younger fish.
  • Easy to snag yourself on the hook if you’re not being careful.

FCFKUK 240pcs/box Large Size Premium Fish hooks

There are more than eight sizes that are included in the 240-pack. Made from high-carbon steel, this material is resistant to rust in both freshwater and seawater. The hook tip is also sharp, meaning there is plenty of penetration power for the hook, allowing you to catch more fish.


  • Includes eight sizes that allow you to adjust your rig for the fish that you want.
  • There are 240 items in the box, meaning you have plenty of spares.
  • Made from a tough high carbon steel material, so resistant to damage.
  • Very sharp hooks.


  • Their size limits their use.
  • Can be too many hooks to keep clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that are asked about barbless hooks for carp fishing.


What is a barbless hook?

A barbless hook is a hook that is a straight hook that does not have any barbs on the metal. This means that there are fewer ways that the fish can be caught and snagged on the hook.


Why use a barbless hook?

There are numerous reasons why people use barbless hooks. The first is that they are deemed to be more humane to the fish, they are also a hook that allows for a quicker release. However, there are also legal complications.


Do you lose more fish with barbless hooks?

Yes, it is more likely that you are going to lose more fish with a barbless hook. For some anglers, who are looking to catch as many carp as quickly as possible, this is very undesirable. However, there are also ways any angler can learn to adjust their technique to combat the barbless hook.


How can I make barbless hooks?

Barbless hooks, to be most effective, should be bought from a store either online or it could be found in a tackle shop. When you make a barbed hook barbless, by breaking the barbs off you not only risk damaging the hook but can also cause an injury to yourself. And the hook might be damaged, being more prone to rusting, shortening the life of the barb.


Do barbless fish hooks curt carp?

While barbless fish hooks will still hurt a fish, and yes there is research to suggest that fish feel pain, the barbless fish hook is the most humane. A barbed fish hook will be harder to remove from the fish, therefore it prolongs their pain, whereas a barbless one can be removed within just a few seconds with experience.


Are barbless carp fishing hooks better for fish mortality?

Research has found that barbed or barbless fish hooks have no impact on the mortality of the carp. In fact, given certain circumstances, both can cause the death of a fish in any given instance. However, what can make the difference is the size of the hook being used to catch the fish. Research has shown the potential that a larger hook will make the biggest difference, as these find it harder to penetrate deeper into the fish.


Are barbed hooks illegal?

Triple-barbed fishing hooks are illegal in all fifty states regardless of the circumstances or the fish being sought. However, some states prohibit the use of barbed fishing hooks when used in trout streams and some other habitats. Several states require barbless hooks to be used.


Are barbless hooks safer for children?

There is often a debate about whether barbless hooks are safer for use around children. Barbless hooks are still very sharp hooks. If a child plays with a hook there is always the chance, and a high chance, that they could snap themselves. However, a barbless hook is going to be easier and less messy to get off the child.


Should you have lots of spare hooks?

It is always best to ensure that you have lots of spare hooks in case one breaks when you’re out fishing. Though ensure you buy only quality barbless carp hooks because buying lots of cheaper, weaker hooks will be more expensive in the long term.



Anytime you are in the market for a barbless hook, consider any of the above-listed hooks. These hooks are a great place to start because they made it on this list based on their effectiveness, price, description, and excellent customer reviews.

Carp hook size chart

Hook TypeHook Size
Spinner rigFrom: #6To: 2/0
G-CarpFrom: #6To: 2/0
Circle hookFrom: #6To: 2/0

For more fish types visit our full Hook size chart page