Trout hook size chart

Trout hook size chart

Technique \ BaitHook TypeHook Size
Dry fliesCircle hookFrom: #20To: #14
Wet fliesCircle hookFrom: #10To: #6
Dry fliesSingle hookFrom: #20To: #14
Wet fliesSingle hookFrom: #10To: #6
Spinning Circle hook#10 
Spinning Treble hook#12 
Jigging Single hookFrom: #6To: #2
PowerbaitSingle hookFrom: #12To: #10
PowerbaitTreble hookFrom: #16To: #12
Salmon EggsSalmon egg hookFrom: #14To: #12

If you prefer a treble hook, check our detailed treble hook size chart

Hook size for trout

In general, anglers use relatively small hooks for trout, since trout see the hooks when the water is clear and bigger hooks reduce the chance of bites.

The most common sizes are #14 to #8, and they get smaller when it comes to fly fishing.

This article includes fly fishing hook sizing which is extremely popular for trout fishing, but we’ll cover the traditional tout fishing technics with traditional gear, as well.

If you already know the basics and just need a quick answer on hook size for trout, we have a full trout fishing hooks size chart.

Trout types hooks sizes

First of all, I have to say that the hook size for trout depends on the type of fish you are catching. There are 14 different types of trout, but I can only write about what I experienced which are Brown, Brook, and of course the beautiful Rainbow.

In my experience, Brown hook sizes #4 through #8 will do the trick. For Brook I and Rainbow I’ve used a smaller size #12 hook.

However, it all depends on your location and what you have learned from other fishermen or fisherwomen who share their experiences with you.

If you hook a big trout in a small hook, don’t be surprised if the hook pops out or the trout simply spits the hook.

But, if you hook a small trout in a big hook, the fish will have a hard time throwing the hook and you’ll have a good chance of landing it.

Another thing to consider is that when fishing in fast water or rapids, you’ll need hook sizes that are much heavier than hook size for trout in slow-moving waters.

Flies are supposed to catch fish, but the hook is what actually does it.

So if you want to hook a fish using flies, pay more attention to hook size and durability.

What size hook should I use for rainbow trout?

As I mentioned, size #12 worked great for me. I meat anglers that used treble hooks size #14, but when it comes to trout, if I’m practicing catch and release, I prefer not using trebles because they tend to injure the fish. In either way, I always use trout barbless hooks!

How do I choose a hook size?

This is a common question not only when it comes to trout hook size. The short answer is – check our fishing hooks size chart and choose the one that fits your needs.

Are Circle hooks good for trout?

Yes! actually, anglers prefer circle hooks for trout fishing because trout tend to spit the hook, and a circle hook anatomy makes sure it would hook the fish lip so it can’t be spat while making sure you don’t injure the fish.


Where is the best trout fishing in the united states?

There are many great places in the US for trout fishing, Colorado, Idaho, Arkansas, and many more.

I did my trout “expedition” in Kern River, California, but any known trout streams would work.

What colors do trout see best?

This question refers to the fly color to use when tout fishing. Because the tout have good eyesight, there are a wide range of colors to select from. Gold, brown, green, black, silver, pink, orange, yellow, or red, they’ll all do the work because what the tout looks for is the bait or lure shape for an essay snack.

Because I do most of my home-based fishing in saltwater, (for trout I need to go up north to the Jordan river…), I bought myself BASSDASH Fly Fishing Flies Kit on Amazon and tested all colors and shapes it offers.


See you on the water!

Check out our fly fishing hook size chart

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