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Artificial Lures With Barbless Hooks: The Catch and Release Choices for 2021

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Artificial Lures With Barbless Hooks: The Catch and Release Choices for 2021

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It is a strong hope you have been checking in regularly with us here at Catch and Release Fishing and have found our recommendations not only helpful but also putting more fish into your hands.    We have covered Barbless Hooks for Fishing in depth for you.    Chances are there is one question you have burning in your head:

What about lures?

This is a valid question.    It is time to give you a solid answer to that very question.

Goture Fishing Spoon Lure Reflective Spoon Lure

There is no doubt the world of artificial lures would not exist without the humble spoon.    The spoon has produced fish everywhere from trout to pelagic fish and all species in between.

The Goture has plenty of colors for a variety of applications. Additionally, you can consider the following characteristics:

  • High quality brass for fresh and saltwater

  • Willow blade gives flash and enhances the chances of a solid strike

  • Curved for optimal casting distance, yet lightweight for a slow fall

  • Ultra sharp, single barbless hook

Rebel Lures Micro Critters

Rebel is a leader in the realistic wounded fish lure industry. Breaking into the fishing world creating the first plastic, affordable artificial lure sending the wooden lure market into a tailspin. Rebel was able to offer a variety of colors that did not fade or wear off. Their POP-R is a standard. The microPOP-R is great for trout and panfish.


The microPOP-R features the following characteristics:


  • Ultralight for delicate fishing locations and quarry

  • Three high gloss colors to match what the fish are biting

  • Single, barbless hook for quick and easy release

Rebel Lures Micro Critters – Stream Crawfish, Micro Craw

Now, when it comes to treble hooks VMC may have the largest collection out there. VMC strives to provide fishing enthusiasts with high-quality fishing gear, and their treble hooks are no exception. VMC utilizes their revolutionary SureSet and Spark Point technology to provide unbelievably sharp hooks capable of penetrating even the boniest of fish’s mouths. These treble hooks are the perfect addition to your favorite lure, spinnerbait, or live bait fishing setup.

VMC offers hooks with integrated features such as spinning blades or feathers to add further function and presentation to the bait. Integrated spinning blades trail behind the bait as it is retrieved, showcasing flashes and movement that can intrigue surrounding fish. These styles of treble hooks are great for darker water or overfished waterways as they offer a much different presentation when compared to classic treble hooks. Many treble hooks from VMC feature their Techincal Locking Curve combined with an inline eye to not only penetrate the fish’s mouth but hold it firmly in place during the fight. Available in many sizes and styles, VMC is sure to have the perfect treble hooks for any fishing conditions and can extremely heavy fish.

For more info read our Treble Hook Size Chart comprehensive guide to choosing the one that fit your needs. You can also read our best treble hooks review.

Rebel Lures Micro Critters with Barbless Hook – Micro Crickhopper

What more can Catch and Release Fishing say about the Rebel line except a tackle box should have a fine selection of more than one of each of these. The Micro Crickhopper works in still water and running water alike.

The Micro Crickhopper features the following characteristics:

  • Perfect for bass, trout and panfish

  • Single, barbless hook

  • Lip allows angler to work the Micro Crickhopper as a crankbait or floater

  • High gloss finish looks realistic

It is a poor angler who does not invest in these particular lures for those who are serious about their artificial lures and put them into their tackle repertoire. Variety catches fish; barbless hooks allow a second opportunity.