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Walleye Fishing and Walleye hook size chart

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Walleye hook size chart

Techniqe \ Bait

Hook Type

Hook Size

Live baitWide gap hookFrom: #2To: #1
Live baitOctopus hookFrom: #6To: 1/0
Crankbait Treble hookFrom: #6To: #2
Live baitCircle hookFrom: #2To: #1
Live bait riggingSlow Death#2To: 4/0
NightcrawlersBaitholder hook2x #6#2

If you prefer a treble hook, check our detailed treble hook size chart

Walleye Fishing & best hooks for Walleye review

Walleye fishing is a popular form of fishing with anglers. They pose a challenge for anglers of all ability levels and are a great fish for food. When cooked right, they are delicious.

It is regulated by most natural resource agencies in the United States that can include what fish can be kept and which need to be released based on either a quota or a length limit. These limits are there to ensure that populations of these fish are not over-exploited.

In this article, we go other some of the characteristics, tips and more about Walleye fishing. We will also look at the best hooks for Walleye fishing for you to have.

Walleye Fishing Basics

Walleyes, a part of the perch family, have excellent sight, even in low light conditions. Therefore, they tend to be more active and feed at dawn and dusk. They might be more active when it is overcast and when the water conditions are choppy. These are conditions which allow less light into the water.

While some suggest this is because they practice light avoidance, it is a different behavior. Walleyes have a competitive advantage over their prey in these conditions, allowing them a better chance to catch their day.

In waters where it is darkly stained or turbid, walleye are known to feed throughout the day.

‘Walleye chop’ is a term used to describe when water is rough, winds are often between five and fifteen miles per hour. This is a good time for walleye fishing because of the increased feeding activity during this weather.

Walleyes are often moving around in schools of similar-sized and similar-aged individuals. They will feed in the same area. Therefore, when someone catches one walleye it is likely that they will find others in the area too.

Limitations on Taking Walleye

Numerous state laws protect which fish can be taken during a fishing trip. For instance, in Michigan, walleye that are less than 15 inches long cannot be kept, unless they are in Lake St. Clare or the St Clare river.

It is already best to check with your local fishing groups and local authorities on what the current regulations are in place. There are some states where fish that are between a minimum and maximum amount cannot be kept, but others can.

The Best Bait for Walleye

If you’re looking to get into walleye fishing, you might be wondering about the bait. Numerous baits are good for walleye fishing. The fish have a large group of prey items that they target. Therefore, you can choose what bait you like to use within reason.

For example, casting or trolling with spinners/minnow-imitating plugs are always good options. There are also special worm harness rigs or spinners and beads that can be trolled to great effect. You might prefer to use jigs to catch walleyes. These can be with the traditional bucktails or tipped with modern plastics.

Many experienced walleye anglers will also use a piece of worm or minnow as a way to catch the attention of the walleye.


If you prefer a live bait option, then you have plenty of choices as well. You can use nightcrawlers, minnows or leeches as live bait. These can be added to lots of different jigs.

During the springtime, walleye aren’t fussy about the bait or lure. They will take almost any choice. However, walleye are known to be more challenging during the summer months before becoming more active again in the fall.

Some also like to ice fish for walleye. Anglers use jigs, jigging spoons or minnows for this. Some will also use tip-ups, which are generally set up with a dacron backing. The most common bait to use at this time of the year is minnows which can be either fatheads or shiners. Bait can be anywhere from one to seven inches.

Best Places to Fish for Walleye

There are many locations where you can fish for walleye. Walleye are a popular game fish and so for most places you visit you could probably find out from local anglers where the good spots are. If you can’t, it can be fairly easy to predict where they are going to be.

Walleye are cool water fish. Therefore, you want to stick to larger, natural lakes or rivers. Here you should aim to have the water temperatures at about 60 or low 70s.

A couple of good locations for you to try are:

  • Lake of the Woods in Minnesota
  • Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin
  • Devils Lake in North Dakota
  • Detroit River in Michigan.
  • Columbia River in Washington

Walleye are often found near structures, as this is where their prey like to congregate and there is often shelter nearby. You should try to find a spot near rock piles, weed beds, points, ledges or humps.

The Key Equipment when Fishing for Walleye

When you want to wish for walleye, you need to make sure that you have the best equipment. The first thing to consider is how they catch their prey. Walleye are known to inhale their prey. Therefore, you want a light line. Light lines have less drag or resistance which is important when the fish tries to strike your bait/lure. The smaller the drag, the easier it will be for the walleye to take your lure/bait.

You will also want a medium to a medium-heavy spinning outfit that is rigged with a 6 to 8-pound monofilament fishing line.

The only time that you might want to not use the equipment mentioned above is when you’re trolling. If you want to troll for walleye, then you will want to use the medium-heavy baitcasting gear that is rigged with 10 to 14-pound monofilament.

How to Rig a Walleye Hook

There are numerous ways that you can rig a walleye hook. It can depend on the hook and perhaps the other equipment that you have. Some hooks are already rigged for you too, or have a clip on system.

If you want specific instructions, you can often find them on the packs of hooks.

The Best Walleye Fishing Hooks

Walleye is such a popular option when it comes to fishing that there are so many different hook options. So here are the best walleye fishing hooks that you can buy.

Rapala Shad Rap 09 Fishing lure, 3.5-Inch, Walleye

The Rapala Shad Rap 09 fishing lure is a great option specifically for walleye fishing. The hook has a balsa wood construction designed to look like a wounded minnow. The actions also replicate this behavior and, is therefore, an excellent way for you to catch the attention of walleye.

The hook is perfect for casting or trolling, and for numerous conditions. At the same time, the design of the bait and hook allow it to be used in various water conditions such as slow moving water and strong water currents.



  • A unique balsa wood construction.
  • A natural baitfish profile that lures in the walleye.
  • Excellent for casting or trolling.
  • Tank tested at the factory.

Rapala Original Floater 09 Live Walleye Lure

Another option from the highly successful brand is this hook. It includes the life-like lure that can attract your walleye game fish easily. The Balsa wood construction makes the lure lightweight and will move like a real prey item.

The hooks are VMC black nickel, offering strength and are perfect for walleye.



  • A lovely little lure and hook combination.
  • Replicates the movement of prey with ease.
  • Strong hooks.
  • Hooks are made from VMC black nickel.

VMC Quik Strike Trailer Hook

This item is simple to use and is perfect for those looking for a strong hook. It is designed to rig with a dominator hammer head jig which is available separately. It has a fast-snap connector.

Made from high carbon steel, this hook will help you catch lots of walleye, whatever the water conditions.


High carbon design for strength.

Designed with a fast-snap connector.

Works with the dominator hammer head jig.

Works for trail fishing.

VMC Spinshot Drop Shot BN #1

This hook is perfect for walleye fishing for numerous reasons. Firstly, the design eliminates line twisting, offering maximum strength and hooking rate while you dropshot. The hook is also faster and easier to rig, allowing you to spend more time in pursuit of walleye.

This hook is designed to help eliminate the normal risks and costs associated with dropshotting. And this product offers a less bulky presentation.



  • A slimmer product.
  • Better performance when dropshotting.
  • Faster to rig your line.
  • Perfect for expert walleye anglers.

Owner American 5125-071 Walleye Bait Hook with Hot Glow Bead, Size 4, Needle

This product is small and powerful. It has been made from the highest quality high carbon steel for improved performance and to ensure that you will catch your walleye. In addition, the super-sharp hook will ensure that you catch walleye with ease.

The materials used to create this product are resistant to corrosion. Therefore, you can use these hooks for a long time without wearing them out.



  • Perfect Walleye hooks.
  • Super sharp hook for catching walleye.
  • Small and powerful.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials are used.

Owner American 5125-091 Walleye Bait Hook with Hot Glow Bead, Size 2, Needle

This hook is made from high-quality carbon steel for improved performance when catching walleye. The hot glow bead acts as a great lure to attract the walleye to your hook and make it easier to catch them.

The simple hook is perfect for most weather conditions and made from a corrosion-resistant material that will mean it can last for years to come. This is a similar hook to the one previously mentioned, but it is a smaller hook for smaller fish. Perfect for fishing in locations where regulations prevent capture of fish over a certain size.


  • High-quality carbon steel machines.
  • Attracts the walleye to your line.
  • Simple hook that is easy to use.
  • Perfect for most weather conditions

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Long Shank Octopus Hook

The Eagle Claw hook here is perfect for numerous species, including those found in freshwater and saltwater. However, for those looking for walleye fishing hooks, this is not to disappoint. The hook is the perfect design for both live and artificial bait.

The hook is extremely sharp with a patented needlepoint technology. These hooks have been tested against numerous other brands to ensure that they are some of the best. According to the tests, they can penetrate deeper and faster. However, the hooks aren’t heavy, they’re exceedingly lightweight while maintaining strength and durability.



  • Includes an offset eye that attracts fish.
  • An innovative hook design.
  • Sharp hook for penetrating fish.
  • Durable and lightweight design.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Down Eye Offset Hook

This is a highly reliable, durable and strong set of 10 hooks that are perfect for numerous species of gaming fish. It has some of the best ratings online and is used by numerous fishermen for lots of different game fish.

This pack include 10 hooks that are 6 inches long.



  • High-quality pack of 10 hooks.
  • Make from some of the best materials to offer superior quality hooks.
  • A trusted product suitable for many kinds of game fish.
  • Six-inch hooks.

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook-Pack

This excellent hook pack can come in a range of colors that make it an attractive option. The material is forged steel, making it very strong and durable. You can use this hook set for almost any game fish. This hook is also black anodized.

The hook features a closed eye and is barbed.



  • Closed-eye design.
  • Barbed for superior catching potential.
  • Off-set point.
  • Durable materials that make hooks usable for a long time.

Gamakatsu Walleye Wide Gap Hook-Pack

This hook design is excellent for numerous fish, including those that are rather finicky. The closed eye and forged steel make it an excellent choice for walleye. While this is known to a highly versatile hook, this is perfect for catching walleye.



  • Perfectly designed for lots of different fish.
  • Made in Japan
  • Designed for hard-to-catch fish.
  • Durable and strong.

Mustad Super Death1X Strong Soft Plastics Forged Hook

This is another excellent hook that is attractive not just for the design but the ability to use live bait and the irresistible action of the hook. The unique design creates a very enticing corkscrew presentation.


The hook includes ultra-point technology. This allows you to have a sharp, durable hook point that resists rolling and will stay incredibly sharp for longer.

The hook pack contains 25 items, each of a specific size.



  • Excellent building materials, suitable for a variety of water conditions.
  • The hook stays sharp for longer.
  • Durable hooks for numerous game fish.
  • Innovative design.

Gamakatsu Walleye Hooks

This set of walleye hooks is made from the best-grade carbon steel. The advanced heating process produces a set of books that are super strong but the hooks will not be brittle. Therefore, they can be used for some of the strongest prey items.

The hook has a perfectly conical point that is second to none for sharpness.



  • Really strong hooks.
  • Perfect for walleye fishing trips.
  • Made from the best quality materials.
  • Very sharp hook.

Mustad UltraPoint Slow Death Special Bend Aberdeen Fishing Hooks

This hook is one of the best sets for catching walleye. There are numerous colors for the hooks allowing you to choose the design and look that you would like. The rigging instructions for the hooks are included within the package, which you should put aside to ensure that you can keep them on hand for future trips.

The wire technology that is employed with the making of these hooks combined with the nor-tempering process allows the hooks to be lighter and 20% stronger than other books that are on the market. Plus these hooks are sharp and durable, allowing you to keep them for longer.




  • Rigging instructions are included with this pack.
  • The design is 20% stronger than other hooks.
  • Sharp, durable hook design.
  • Easy to use and perfect for numerous game fish.

Berkley Walleye Rigs - Indiana, 3, 4, 4 Rigs - Size: 4-3-count - 4

These hooks are designed for the avid angler who wants to catch game fish such as walleye or even saltwater marlin. The Rig uses Berkely Trilene XT monofilament line and Indiana #4 blades. There is a 4-inch triple hook included with this back.

The hook can support a wide range of live and non-live baits including minnows, leeches and ½ crawlers. The hooks also come in hammered gold.



  • Is the perfect hook for walleye.
  • Can be used with minnows, leeches and crawlers.
  • A strong hook that is very durable.
  • Striking colors.


Berkley Walleye Rigs - Indiana, 2, 4, 2 Rigs - Size: 2-2-count - 4

This set of hooks is ideal for walleye and other similar species of game fish. You can use bait such as minnows, leeches and ½ crawlers with this hook series. The set of hooks can also be used with saltwater marlin.

The hook comes with a 2-inch double hook. The color of these hooks is black.



  • Uses a Berkley trilene XT monofilament line and indiana #4 blades.
  • Durable design that is perfect for freshwater and saltwater.
  • Comes in black.
  • Excellent for lots of different

Berkley C4 Walleye Mono Rig

This is an excellent hook system that includes #2 black Octopus hooks per rig. There is a three-inch gap between hooks. There are three blade styles that come with this hook series, this includes the Colorado #3, Colorado #4 and Indiana #4.

This is a strong option that includes a great prey item design that will entice walleye for you.



  • Perfectly designed for walleye.
  • Includes prey item design.
  • Comes with three-blade styles.
  • Two hooks per rig.

Berkley PowerBait Power Minnow 2"

This hook system has a PowerBait realistic micro power minnow that is perfect for jig trailers, spinner rigs and other bottom bouncing rigs. The split tail design provides a finesse presentation. The bait design allows you to attract the game fish and as they try to take a bite, they will get caught on the perfectly located hook.

The hook is pre-rigged and ready to go, so you’re not wasting time when you could be fishing. There are numerous fish that you could use this hook system for including crappie, panfish, walleye, bass and trout.



  • Available for numerous different game fish.
  • Available in a black shad color.
  • Split tail design.
  • Excellent for getting going quickly when you want to fish.

THKFISH Fishing Floats and Bobbers

If you’re fishing for walleye, slip bobber rig is an effective way to present your bait.

EXTREMELY V sensitive SPRING SLIP BOBBERS: Spring Slip Bobbers are Extremely Sensitive. When the bait is taken, they are very responsive. Slip bobbers move freely up and down your fishing line. They’re ideal for catching Crappie Panfish Walleyes Bass Trout in a variety of situations and depths.

For more fish types visit our full Hook size chart page



Here are some of the commonly asked questions asked about walleye fishing.

What is the best bait for walleye?

There are lots of different baits that are suitable for walleye. It can depend on the water conditions, the weather and even the time of year on what is the best bait.

What time is best to fish for walleye?

In clear water, you’re better fishing in the dawn and dusk periods for wallfish. You might also want to fish during the spring and fall. In murky water, you can find walleye at any time of day.

Where is the best place to catch walleye fishing?

Walleye like to hide and hunt near structures. Therefore, finding your game fish will mean seeking these structures out to find the fish.

How do you rig for walleye?

Rigging for walleye can be really simple. Some hooks come with instructions on how to do it or are already rigged for you.

Walleye fishing season

is open all year long, but the best time to fish for walleye is in the spring and fall when they are spawning.

Final Word

Walleye are some of the best game fishing species. They can be caught and eaten and they are also challenging enough to make it a much more satisfying time. There are some rules and regulations that you need to follow but these are simple. You need the best hooks to catch your ideal prize and these can be found in a variety of brands that offer robust and long-lasting hooks.