Pike hook size chart

Pike hook size chart

Pike hook size chart

Hook Type

Hook Size

Partridge instant strike1/0 
Treble hookFrom: #8To: #2
Circle hookFrom: 2/0To: 4/0

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What are the best hooks for pike fishing?

“What are the best hooks for pike fishing?” is a common question among fishermen. For many, the answer to this question is still unknown.

The best hook for pike fishing depends on the experience of the angler, what they are fishing in, and their preferred method. There are 3 main types of hooks in use today: Partridge instant strike, Treble hook, Circle hook.

Pike Partridge instant strike fishing hook

Instead of a conventional, single hook, these hooks feature two hooks at right angles and the configuration offers an ‘instant strike’ rig. They can be used together – or with a treble hook such as CS9 – to form the perfect ‘instant strike’ rig.

Pike Treble hook

Spoon lure trebles are small and cast a long way. The treble hooks on these lures swivel around, giving off a seductive side-to-side wobble. They’re perfect for Northern Pike fishing. Unlike other lures, spoons won’t get broken, bent or corroded and retain their lustre even after repeated use by pike.

Pike Circle hook

Circle hooks for pike are manufactured by many companies, but the one we recommend is Mustad’s Demon hook which offers new levels of quality.

All of the patterns are endorsed by the Billfish Foundation, meeting the highest standards for catch and release.

offset patterns feature a no-nonsense tempering process which makes these baits the best performing in the market.


The Best Leader for Northern Pike

Northern pike is a predatory fish that is common in most freshwater lakes and streams. They prefer to eat small fish, crayfish, and frogs. Some fishing enthusiasts use live bait such as worms and small fish.

The most popular bait for northern pike is live minnows. These baits are usually attached to the hook through the nose or through the gills of the minnow with a wire or a metal leader.

Alternatively, anglers sometimes use artificial lures such as spinners, plugs, spoons (spinning lures), and jigs (plastic lures).

Leaders for fishing with artificial lures can be made from many materials including monofilament line, braided line, wire leader material such as stainless steel wire, and nylon filament

What are the best lures for pike fishing?

There are many methods for catching pike. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Use a large, heavy lure that will sink quickly.

  2. Keep your lure moving at all times.

  3. Use a noisy lure that will attract the pike’s attention.

  4. Drift with the current downstream to get past obstacles in the water.

  5. Fish in areas where there is a lot of vegetation or weed beds because it can make it easier to get close to your prey without being seen.

  6. If you are using live bait, make sure they are moving around, otherwise, they won’t attract any attention from pikes

Saltwater jig heads
Saltwater jig heads

How do I Choose the Right Jig Head? There are numerous ways that you can choose the right jig head for your next fishing trip. You’ve got to consider what fish you’re trying to catch and what environment you would like to fish in.

Fishing Glossary
Fishing Glossary – Anglers Gear Knowledge Base

If you are just starting out fishing, or want to learn more about the sport, you may find yourself confused about some of the terminology. This fishing glossary will help clear up any confusion and provide you with a base knowledge of anglers’ gear.

From baits to rods and reels, we’ll cover it all! So, whether you’re gearing up for your first fishing trip or just want to be a more informed angler, read on.