Shimano Corvalus Reel

Shimano Corvalus

Shimano Corvalus Reel

Shimano Corvalus

Shimano Corvalus - A Quality Bait Casting Reel For Every Angler

Angler’s Gear is going to look at all of Shimano’s line in due time, so we do want you to check in with regularity on updates. For now, we are going to concentrate on one specific reel. We chose this baitcasting reel based on the following standards:

  • The reel will not break the bank

  • The reel is appropriate for fresh and saltwater

  • The reel has a solid braking system

  • The reel has a smooth drag

  • The reel has a history of success based on unbiased reviews

  • The reel has a low learning curve

  • The reel has more than one size

The reel selected is the Shimano Corvalus reel.

Shimano Corvalus, Round Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

This is a budget reel in the Shimano line, but this does not mean the reel does not perform. The shimano corvalus reel works equally well targeting larger freshwater species like largemouth bass, northern pike and musky as it would for some species of saltwater including salmon, redfish, sea trout, stripers, bluefish and more.

The Corvalus is constructed of a rust-resistant die-cast aluminum frame and side plates. It has an aluminum spool and centrifugal brake system that helps minimize backlash, common with new bait caster reel users.

The Corvalus comes in three sizes: 200, 300 and 400. The 201, 301 and 401 sizes are left hand retrieve. Each reel size, like all bait casting reels, has a different size spool and width to accommodate line. The 200 is the smallest and 400 the largest. The reel best for the overall Angler’s Gear angler is the 300 as it is a balance of both worlds between big freshwater and inshore saltwater quarry.

Anglers who select a Corvalus will find the reel will hold a substantial amount of monfilament, fluorocarbon or the new braided lines and take on a significant amount of all three. The high line capacity coupled to a smooth drag mean the reel can fight fish that fancy long runs of over 100 yards.

The Corvalus uses Shimano’s ‘Super Stopper,’ proprietary anti-reverse system. The system features a one-way roller bearing that keeps the handle retrieve from backup, necessary for a strong, sweeping hookset. Anglers who run into problems with ‘Super Stopper’ can find plenty of schematics online that detail in simple terms how to make the repairs.

The only drawback, and this is a minor one, is the reel is a bit dated with more modern, similar Shimano reels currently available. This does not detract from the quality of the reel in anyway. Multiple reviews not only from Amazon but other independent sites as well support the efficacy of the reel in multiple situations.

In time, Angler’s Gear is going to cover many of Shimano’s line of quality reels from the baitcasting line to the spinning line. There are plans to review other brands as well. To that end, we want to know from you – what brands of reels do you like and would like us to review? Let us know in a comment below. In the meanwhile, prepare for the next generation of anglers: Practice catch and release.

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