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The Best SeaKnight Reels and Lines

Fishing is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many. There are many different fishing techniques, which can depend on the fish you wish to catch and your location. For many anglers, their fishing rod is their main piece of fishing gear.

However, unless you plan on some real fishing, you will need a reel and line to attach to your rod. Most rods have a reel seat, which is where the revolution sits, and some rods, mainly fly and match fishing rods, will have guides on the rod for your line to go through.

The reel has many uses. They are turned by hand to retrieve your line and, hopefully, a fish. A revolution will also help cast your line and get your tackle and bait to the correct location. There are some variations of reels, such as spinning, jigs, and fly fishing reels.

There are also different types of lines available, and again, this depends on the style of angling you enjoy or wish to try. Fly fishing relies on a specific line designed to get the small artificial fly quite some distance to settle on the water surface. This is known as a forward taper line and will be described as suitable for fly fishing.

A fishing line can be braided, suitable for bottom feeder fish such as carp and saltwater fishing. Then there’s the monofilament line which is a good all-rounder. Fluorocarbon fishing line is helpful for saltwater fishing; it’s solid and suitable for easily spooked fish.

There are lots of options for reels and lines available on the market. In this article, we take a look at SeaKnight and the products they have to offer.

Who are SeaKnight?

SeaKnight is a brand of fishing products founded in 1983. On their Facebook page, they comment that they started as a small workshop and now are a modern company. They can be found on Amazon and social media.

With plenty of experience behind them, they have developed a wide range of reliable fishing gear. They are innovative and pride themselves on producing trustworthy products designed by professional anglers on their team. Their products are laboratory tested, so you can be sure they won’t let you down.

At SeaKnight, their aim is for you to be able to enjoy fishing but also challenge yourself happily.

Advantages of SeaKnight Brand

The SeaKnight brand offers a wide range of products which means you can get the right gear for your preferred fishing technique or the style of angling you wish to try out if you’re new to fishing.

There are many options on Amazon in particular, and they also have many good reviews. The products are also very affordable. You would think that with their longevity and professionalism, their products would be dearer, but they remain at a very reasonable price point. This is great if you enjoy lots of different types of fishing or other recreational activities that require the purchase of equipment. Downtime activities can begin to add up!

SeaKnight has professional anglers on its research and development team, which is a massive advantage to this brand. It means that the product you purchase has been developed by anglers who know what they’re doing. And being tested in a laboratory means that they are more likely to withstand a range of conditions and scenarios that you might encounter.

The Best SeaKnight Reels

So if you are looking for a new reel, whether you are already an avid angler and wish to try a new type of fishing, or if you are entirely new to fishing, there are many options to choose from.

Here are eight of the best SeaKnight reels for you to choose from. We will let you know what type of fishing the reel is best used for and the pros and cons of each.

SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel, 4.7:1,6.2:1

This is a great spinning reel. It is suitable in salt water due to the special anti-corrosive coating. It is also made of aluminum which is salt water resistant too. This rod can also be used in freshwater and is suitable for catching fish such as catfish and bass.

It is an excellent choice for game fishing because the design of this spinning reel means it can cope with landing large fish with a drag of 15kg or 33lb. The internal mechanisms are shielded and sealed, preventing small particles such as sand from entering and affecting the ball bearings or gears.

The reel is smooth with stainless steel ball bearings and has the expertise behind it, the SeaKnight team craftsmanship.


  • Ideal for saltwater fishing
  • Suitable for landing large game fish
  • An affordable spinning reel option



  • Resists salt water for 72 hours, so ensure you wash it down after use.
  • Reviews indicate that it may need replacing after a few years
  • It might not be suitable for landing huge specimens of fish

SeaKnight FALCAN2 Baitcasting Reel,7.2:1/8.1:1

This baitcasting reel is made of aluminum and offers excellent control thanks to the magnetic brake system. It provides 17.6lb of drag and only weighs 6.7 ounces. This is a high-performance fishing reel that is suitable for match fishing tournaments. This reel will help you catch large fish.

The ball bearings are shielded, which will stop dirt and sand from getting into the ball bearings.

It is also comfortable to use due to the design of the compact handle. It is an affordable option with good reviews and is reported to help you get great distance on your line.


  • A suitable reel choice for match fishing tournaments.
  • Made of aluminum which is rust resistant.
  • It is suitable for catching big fish.


  • This reel has received some negative reviews.
  • Designed for use with bait casting, so it might not suit all types of fishing.
  • Not suitable for use in saltwater.

SeaKnight RED Fox Baitcasting Reel

This is a nice-looking reel from SeaKnight with padded handles for comfort. It’s made from stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon and weighs 6.7 ounces. The SeaKnight Red Fox Baitcasting reel is designed to be used over long periods and not let you down. It’s available both for right-handed and left-handed.

Again it’s for bait casting and is designed to be affordable yet also provide excellent casting control and performance. It offers 13.2lb of drag to catch big fish, like carp. You could use this reel when match fishing at tournaments.


  • This reek is designed for endurance at matches and tournaments
  • Available in both right-handed and left-handed
  • A comfortable, padded handle



  • It’s pretty red, so you might or might not like the color
  • Not suitable for use in saltwater
  • Offers less drag than other reels

SeaKnight SARDAR Baitcasting Reels

A smart-looking, compact baitcasting reel, this has heavy-duty brass gears that are digitally produced for precision. This means the revolution is quieter, faster, smoother, and longer-lasting, making it an excellent option for match fishing tournaments. This reel is designed to last.

The spools are aluminum, so rust resistant and durable. There are also ceramic line guides. The magnetic brake system offers you an excellent level of casting control. It also provides over 17.6lbs of drag and can be used with a light fishing line. This is a great reel to choose from if you enjoy catching bass.

It also offers ten brake levels, which is an excellent option if you often fish in windy weather.



  • A durable and long-lasting reel
  • Designed to be quiet, fast, and smooth
  • Suitable for use in match fishing tournaments



  • Most suitable for fishing with a light line
  • Mostly suitable for bait fishing
  • Probably not suitable for catching giant fish

SeaKnight WR III Spinning Fishing Reel

The SeaKnight WR III, Spinning Fishing Reel, is designed for durability and a long day of fishing without getting tired. It also comes with a one-year warranty like all their products. There is one fit for both right and left-handed, and this reel can cope with any fishing conditions.

It has a compact design and is light, but this doesn’t stop it from being a solid reel. The ball bearings are shielded, which is excellent for stopping bits of dust and debris from getting into the ball bearings. It’s a sleek-looking reel in a green and black color design and a nice handle that operates smoothly.

You can use light lines with these reels.



  • A durable reel suitable for a long day of fishing
  • Sleek green and black design
  • Suitable for use in any fishing conditions, and it can cope with windy weather



  • Quite a light reel, so it might not be suitable for catching giant fish
  • Need to adjust the handle yourself to fit depending on right or left-handed
  • You have to fit the handle yourself for left or right-hand

SeaKnight Spinning Reels - 5.2:1 Lightweight

This is one of the cheapest reel options on this list, but it has a lot. It has a lot of great reviews and seems to be quite a reliable reel. It is a great-looking reel that offers excellent performance. It is their lightest reel and is both smooth and robust. It comes in a range of sizes depending on your needs.

This reel is recommended as being suitable for catching a range of fish such as trout, bass, and pan-fish. It has a significant drag of up to 28lbs. There is a ceramic line guide and an anti-reverse bearing.


  • A very affordable option
  • Suitable for a range of such as trout, bass, and pan-fish
  • A very light reel



  • Might not be as quiet as other reel options; it’s not advertised as being quiet
  • It will help you catch giant fish but maybe not the largest
  • For use in freshwater only

SeaKnight Treant III Spinning Reels

This reel is available in a range of options for fishing freshwater through to saltwater and small fish such as pan-fish through to pike and large saltwater species.

It is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum with shielded ball bearings, precision gears, and up to 28lbs drag to help you land even the largest fish. This line is designed to help you have a smooth casting ability and a comfortable, enjoyable fishing trip.

The SeaKnight Treant II Spinning Reels have some fun and innovative additions, such as a line keeper and a fish alarm design which produces a sound from how the parts are fitted together.



  • This reel offers innovative design features
  • Options for large saltwater fish
  • It has a smooth casting ability


  • The fish alarm might not be for everyone
  • Although some are suitable for saltwater, this reel is more suited for freshwater
  • Larger handle than others

SeaKnight Archer II Spinning Reels

This freshwater spinning reel from SeaKnight has quite a large handle knob made of PVC. This might be something you’re looking for. It can be changed to suit either right or left-handed anglers.

The SeaKight Archer II Spinning reel is designed to perform well when fishing. It feels solid yet, at the same time, is very lightweight. There is a ceramic guideline perfect for increasing your lines’ longevity and excellent casting ability.

You’ll find the mechanisms very smooth with stainless steel ball bearings, including an anti-reverse one. It has a drag power of up to 29Ibs.



  • A lightweight reel
  • Offers great performance
  • Ceramic guidelines for smooth and accurate casting



  • Unusual handle might not be for you
  • You have to attach the handle for right or left-handed yourself
  • Possibly not suitable for catching giant fish

The Best SeaKnight Lines

The SeaKnight brand carries quite an extensive range of lines, so you can choose the best one for your fishing type and the species of fish you wish to catch. The main types of lines include monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon.

A braided line is suitable for catching bottom feeders; for example, fluorocarbon is very light and great for catching fish that are easily spooked, and there are monofilament lines that are suitable for a variety of fishing types.

Seaknight Blade Nylon Fishing Line 500M/1000M

This nylon monofilament line is designed to be strong. It is also abrasion resistant, so it is less likely to catch on items in the water. It is low in vibration and has a good stretch. This line is also available for both freshwater and saltwater. It’s a solid, durable line, so you don’t get too many snags. This line is recommended for match tournament fishing.


  • A strong monofilament line
  • It’s stretchy to allow give
  • This line is abrasion resistant



  • It’s possibly not suitable for catching giant fish
  • Not the cheapest product available
  • Better for long casting than short casting

SeaKnight 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

This line is an affordable fluorocarbon line that comes in two sizes and is advertised as quick sinking, so, great for feeder fishing and catching fish at the bottom. This has a lot of great qualities for a line.

It’s also transparent, so less likely to spook fish, and it has good abrasion resistance to resist snag if you are trying to catch carnivorous fish, like pike, so you don’t get caught up on rocks and foliage. It also has low memory, which is excellent too.



  • This line can be used as a leader line
  • It is a very affordable option
  • It has good abrasion resistance



  • Not a very ductile line
  • Better for long casts than short
  • A line that needs to be wet to tie a knot in it

Seaknight Nano 100/300M 4 Strands Braided

This braided fishing line is a good choice for long casts. It is also sensitive and abrasion resistant. This line does not stretch and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing.



  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Great for long casts
  • Affordable



  • Not for short casts
  • This line has no stretch
  • This fishing line has some negative reviews

SeaKnight Monster/Monster W8 Braided

This braided line is available in several colors. It has excellent strength and is suitable for catching large fish with a solid knot. This line does not absorb water, is very sensitive, and is abrasion resistant, so it can be used in various fishing styles.


  • Great for long casts
  • Popular in reviews
  • Available in different sizes



  • You will need different colors for different waters
  • Not suitable for short casting
  • You will need to be good with knots

SeaKnight Classic Braided Fishing Line

This solid braided fishing line is great for long casting, and more lines can be put on the reel. The casting is very smooth and very sensitive. This is ideal for use with spinning reels for bait casting fishing.


  • A solid fishing line
  • A braided fishing line
  • Smooth casting



  • Best for distant casts
  • Best for fishing in deep water
  • Some reviews report color fading

Seaknight T1 Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

This is a cheap fluorocarbon fishing line available in a variety of sizes. It is excellent for sinking floats with reduced visibility to not spook fish, and it can manage being soaked for a long time without becoming damaged.

This line does not have much stretch and is resistant to abrasions.


  • Low water absorption for prolonged use
  • For sinking floats
  • Available in a variety of sizes



  • Only available in transparent
  • Not for fly fishing
  • Not for short casts


After looking through the selection of reels and lines available from the SeaKnight brand, you might have thought of some questions. Here are a few questions that you might have and the answers to help you when selecting your new fishing products,


Can you go saltwater fish with SeaKnight?

Yes, you can go saltwater fishing with SeaKnight gear. You’ll just need to ensure that the products you choose are specifically designed for saltwater use. This is because the materials used will be selected not to rust and withstand saltwater.


Can you go freshwater fishing with SeaKnight equipment?

Yes, there is a broader range of equipment choices for freshwater fishing. If you’re looking to catch bass or pan fish, there are many great options, but SeaKnight opportunities for catching larger freshwater fish, too, like pike.


Is SeaKnight equipment suitable for beginners?

Yes, the SeaKnight brand means you can purchase affordable fishing gear suitable for fishing matches and tournaments yet at beginner pricing. So even if you’re just trying out fishing, this brand is right.


Is SeaKnight suitable for match fishing?

Yes, many of the products are labeled as suitable for match fishing. You can check the information about the products because they provide a lot of information about them.


Does SeaKnight offer aftersales care?

They offer a one-year warranty on all their products, and there is a customer care team you can contact if you should need to.


Final Word: The Best SeaKnight Reels and Lines

If you are looking for a new reel and line, whether you are new to fishing or an experienced pro, there are plenty of options from the SeaKnight brand. This brand has been developing and producing a range of fishing gear for years and has experienced anglers in its product development team.

Their products are readily available and affordable, and with a one-year warranty on all their products, they are worth trying.