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Best Trout Hooks [Amazon Buyer’s Guide]

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Intro: Best Tout Hooks

When you are headed out for a day of fishing, having the right hooks to get the job done is arguably the most important part of one’s gear. Successfully fishing for trout, as many anglers already know, often comes down to using the right gear at the right time in the right places. Trout can be very finicky on what they are willing to strike at and this changes throughout the seasons, but almost always there is one concept that remains; trout prefer smaller hooks.


Whether you decide to use a simple barbless treble or J hook, opting for the smaller-sized hooks can increase your odds of hooking up. [see Treble Hook Size Chart] Trout have relatively small mouths and are very keen to changes within the water column.


Large hooks are harder for trout to gobble up and are spotted much easier when trailing behind your lure. Many anglers believe they need to use big hooks to catch big fish, and with trout, this just isn’t the case. In this article, we are going to enlighten our readers on the best hooks to use when fishing for trout

Single Hooks

Using a single hook for trout fishing is by far the most common technique you will see out on the water. Fly fishermen and anglers alike opt for the single hook due to its simplicity and overall effectiveness. All single hooks, all hooks for that matter, are either barbed or barbless. Barbed hooks have an extremely sharp piece of metal jutting out down the bend of the hook in the opposite direction of the hook point with the intention of reducing the risk of being thrown from a fish once hooked up.

Barbless hooks lack this extra piece of metal and cause significantly less damage to the fish, especially trout. Trout are very susceptible to injury and have a hard time recovering once critically injured. Barbless trout hooks, when available, should always be used for fishing despite the species you are targeting.

Mustad Classic Cricket Extra Long Shank Hook

Anglers who target trout often use live bait, such as crickets, as opposed to trying their luck with an artificial bait such as a lure or fly. The Classic Cricket hook from Mustad is specifically designed to better hold live bait in place thanks to the extra-long shank, especially crickets! Mustad’s Nor-Tempered technology provides exceptional hook strength that can easily handle multi-pound trout. Live worms can easily be threaded up the hook to the eye with the point protruding from the bottom, this technique keeps your bait securely in place throughout all the nibbles and half-bites before the hook set.

  • Quantity: 100 hooks per package
  • Three sizes available
  • Nor-Tempered technology provides increased strength
  • Extra-Long shank
  • Great for live bait
  • Single barb

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

Gamakatsu is well known for producing high-quality fishing hooks in Japan since the 1950s’ and has been a staple for anglers worldwide ever since. Octopus hooks have a unique shape that features an enlarged rounded-off bend section with the hook point aimed towards the eye of the hook. The eye of the hook is angled back towards the angler for faster hook sets and increased leverage during the fight. Octopus hooks rarely come unhooked from the fish’s mouth due to their improved design. These hooks come with either a red or black finish, perfect for all fishing scenarios. With the added barb you can feel confident that once you locked into a fish, it’s not going anywhere but the net. Not only are these hooks great for using live bait, but they also work great for artificial soft plastics.

  • Quantity: 10 hooks per package
  • Various sizes available
  • Red & Black finish options
  • Reverse hook eye & point
  • Instant hooksets
  • Single barb

Dyxssm Circle Hook

If you have lost countless fish due to the hook being thrown mid-fight or from the unlikely circumstance of gut hooking, circle hooks may be the perfect fit for you! Circle hooks are very similar to octopus hooks with a few key differences that make them the ideal gear choice for certain situations. The eye on the circle hook is in line with the shank, unlike an octopus hook. As the trout eats your bait it will have a much harder time swallowing a circle hook thanks to the rounded off ‘circle’ bend and offset hook point. Dyxssm crafted these hooks from highly durable tungsten steel that can handle even the largest of gamefish.

  • Quantity: 150 hooks per package
  • Various sizes available
  • Tungsten steel construction
  • Inline hook eye
  • Reverse hook point
  • Single barb

Double Hooks

While not as popular are single hooks, double hooks are another great option to consider when hunting for the best trout hooks. Double hooks are just that, hooks with two points instead of one connected by a single bent wire. Often used for topwater soft plastic baits, such as hollow body frogs, double hooks are becoming increasingly popular for hand-retrieved lure enthusiasts, fly fishermen, and live bait users alike. Double hooks increase penetration rates by up to 50%, meaning more fish in the net and less time becoming frustrated by a thrown hook.


If you are planning to upgrade your favorite lure or fly with a double hook, be sure to keep the overall hook weight similar to the stock hooks the bait came with from the factory to ensure consistent action in the water. Anglers often remove the spit rings and add the double hook directly to the lures’ through wire. Like they always say, two is better than one!

AGOOL 3X Extra-Strong Double Hook

Looking to beef up your fishing tackle? These 3X Extra Strong Double Hooks from AGOOL make a perfect addition to any tackle or fly box. Available in many sizes, these double hooks can be used in both saltwater and freshwater to accompany all styles of trout fishing. An extra-wide angled shank protrudes the hook points far away from the bait with hopes to reduce the risk of becoming entangled with the lure or jig. While not the most ideal hooks to use for catch and release fishing due to the dual barb system, the chance of a trout coming unhooked is much lower. The black nickel finish and 3X steel wire helps prevent rust and improve overall longevity.

  • Quantity: 35 hooks per package
  • Multiple size options
  • Perfect for saltwater & freshwater
  • 3X extra-strong steel wire construction
  • Dual barbs
  • Immaculately sharped to perfection

Treble Hooks

If you have ever used an artificial hard-plastic lure or inline spinnerbait, such as a Rooster Tail, chances are there was a treble hook connected to the end of it! Treble hooks have three separate points connected to a single beefed-up shank and eye. Treble hooks are undoubtedly the most effective at turning a curious nibble from an interested trout into another fish caught. Three hook points, arguably, translates into three times the possibility of a successful hook set.

Anglers often use treble hook-suited baits for trolling open waters or ripping lures through fast current rivers. Treble hooks come in a wide range of styles, similar to single hooks, to meet the ever-growing needs of trout angling enthusiasts worldwide. Not only are treble hooks utilized on various artificial baits, but many anglers also string up their rods with a treble hook, split shot sinker, and their choice of preferred live or cut bait such as nightcrawlers.

Check out our  Treble Hook Size Chart comprehensive guide to choosing the one that fit your needs

Shaddock Fishing Carbon Steel Treble Hook Kit

If you use multiple-sized baits throughout your fishing adventures or are just unsure of the best treble hook size for your fishing needs, a treble hook kit is your best bet! This treble hook kit from Shaddock is filled with 110 hooks ranging from a size 4 down to a size 14, the perfect size to use for trout! Each of the treble hooks is arranged in its own size-based compartment within the included hard-plastic carrying case for easy access and organization. High carbon steel construction with black nickel plating combines durability with affordability. On top of this, Shaddock Fishing boasts their hooks being rust-resistant in saltwater for up to 2,500 hours of use; that’s a lot of fishing!

  • Quantity: 110 hooks per package
  • Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Convenient hard-plastic carrying case included
  • SuperPoint technology ensures razor-sharp hook points
  • High carbon steel construction with black nickel plating
  • Three barb system

Mustad Classic Treble Hook

As we have mentioned before, you really can’t go wrong with Mustad hooks! Their Classic Treble hook is no exception. Available in an astonishing amount of size and color options, Mustad really has thought of everything. Similar to other Mustad hooks, these treble hooks come Nor-Tempered for increased strength, especially when coupled with Mustad’s improved Wire Technology. Not only are they significantly stronger by design, but they are also up to 20% lighter in weight when compared to similar style treble hooks. When it comes to trout, presentation is everything. Having the same size treble hook but 20% lighter allows the artificial bait to undergo its full functionality without being impaired from the sheer weight of the hook it’s dragging along with it.

  • Quantity: Varies by size and finish color
  • Many sizes & color finishes are available
  • Nor-Tempered provides exceptional hook strength
  • MTL-V1 hook point
  • Great for all styles of fishing

Barbless Hooks

Barbless hooks are by far the most humane variation of fishing hooks when catching trout for game. Barbless hooks are required when trout fishing in countless bodies of water, and for good reason. Barbless hooks are proven to cause significantly less damage to fish while greatly improving their chance of survival once released back into the water.


In the unlikely circumstance of a fish becoming gut hooked, barbless hooks are much easier to remove. Gut hooking happens when a fish completely swallows the bait, typically live bait, and the hook gets lodged in the vitals. Most fishing hook companies offer barbless hooks in one style or another.

Gamakatsu Barbless J Hook

If the fishing calls for simplicity, look no further than these standard barbless J hooks from Gamakatsu. These barbless fishing hooks come straight from Japan and are forged from alloy steel for optimal longevity. The all-black finish provides a subtle presentation, perfect for finicky trout. The downward-facing eye is perfect for many fly tying designs for those that prefer to fish for trout with a classic fly rod setup. Coming in a pack of 25, you will have more than enough for a long day of fishing.

  • Quantity: 25 hooks per package
  • Many size options are available
  • Forged alloy steel
  • Barbless
  • Downward eye

Mustad KVD Elite 1X Barbless Treble Hook

Every good artificial lure needs an equally satisfactory treble hook, and Mustad takes that challenge seriously. These hooks are built to the very high standards of this world-renowned tackle supply company, with the added feature of a completely barbless design. The only ‘downside’ to these hooks is the fact they come in a pack of 6 which could result in having to purchase additional hooks at an earlier rate. Sharpened using Mustad’s Ultra point Technology, you will most likely never have to resharpen these hooks.

  • Quantity: 6 hooks
  • Many sizes available
  • Nor-Tempered
  • Ultra Point Technology

Best Treble Hooks FAQ:

What is the best hook size for trout?

Like we have mentioned before, smaller is always better when it comes to trout fishing! If you are a fly fisherman, using a size 10 through size 14 hook will be your best bet. For conventional rod and reel anglers, many will choose a slightly larger size anywhere from a size 4 down to a size 10. Many artificial trout baits will come with a slightly larger hook but can easily be swapped out with a smaller hook if needed.


What are the best hooks for trout?

The best hooks to use for trout are 100% based on the type of bait you are using. Many anglers will opt for treble hooks for artificial baits and lures while going with a classic J hook or other single hook styles for live bait. Barbless hooks are always recommended for trout as they can become injured easily and give trout a much better rate of survival post-catch and release.


What size hook should I use for rainbow trout?

If you are fishing with a single hook fly, using a size 12 hook is very common for rainbow trout while a size 14 treble hook is usually used. Anglers also use larger-sized hooks, such as a size 4 hook, when using Power Bait or live worms. If you are targeting large rainbow trout, you will not have to adjust your hook size much. Tying on a large hook will more often spook a rainbow trout rather than entice a strike.


Do trout like red hooks?

Similar to all fish species, trout’s preferences on bait change throughout the year. Red hooks are commonly used for trout fishing due to the fact they are a similar color to blood and can trick trout into thinking your lure is an injured baitfish. While it’s not as common to use red hooks when tying flies, many swear by its effectiveness.

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