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What is the best lure for trout?

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Different Types of Trout

Trout is a fish that belongs to the Salmonidae family and has over 29 different species, with the most common being the Brown Trout.

The Brown Trout is found mainly in Northern Europe, North America and Eastern Asia. It can be found in both fresh and salt water habitats. In freshwater habitats it usually lives in small creeks and streams, while in saltwater environments it can be found offshore or even far inland from the ocean.

How to Fish for Trout & Techniques That'll Improve Your Experience

There are many techniques to help you catch trout. One is to study the water by wading in the stream for an hour or so, looking for holes where fish might be. Another way would be to set out on foot and look for fish in the pools of a dry, clear river.

The most popular technique is fly-fishing, which uses a hook and thread with feathers or fur tied to it. Some fishermen will use live bait on this hook, while others will use artificial flies that are made with fur and feathers.

4 Best Lures for Trout You Can Buy Right Now on Amazon

Out of the many lures you can purchase for trout, these 4 are the best. They’re affordable, easy to use and they work!

Rapala Original Floating Trout Lure

This lure is a favorite among trout fishermen for its simplicity and effectiveness. If you plan on fishing from a boat or from shore this is perfect for you as it will float on the water’s surface without changing course.

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

These eggs come in a variety of colors and are made with real goose feathers which makes them highly effective for panfish and trout alike .

Rebel Lures Wee-Crawfish Fishing Lure

Rebel Lures created a crawfish lure called Wee-Crawfish. Little did they know, this unique lure would become the most popular item on the market.

The design of this fishing lure is very simple – it’s a two-sided, bright orange saltwater crawfish with an enticing tail. The bright orange color attracts fish to come closer to see if there are any worms or bait near the tail. And that’s exactly what fishermen want!

Double Hooks

While not as popular are single hooks, double hooks are another great option to consider when hunting for the best trout hooks. Double hooks are just that, hooks with two points instead of one connected by a single bent wire. Often used for topwater soft plastic baits, such as hollow body frogs, double hooks are becoming increasingly popular for hand-retrieved lure enthusiasts, fly fishermen, and live bait users alike. Double hooks increase penetration rates by up to 50%, meaning more fish in the net and less time becoming frustrated by a thrown hook.


If you are planning to upgrade your favorite lure or fly with a double hook, be sure to keep the overall hook weight similar to the stock hooks the bait came with from the factory to ensure consistent action in the water. Anglers often remove the spit rings and add the double hook directly to the lures’ through wire. Like they always say, two is better than one!

Berkley Gulp Trout Worm

A Berkley Gulp Trout Worm is a fishing lure that was first produced by Berkley Manufacturing Company in the 1940s. It is a soft, flexible worm that has a special lip on the body so it can be used as a jig for catching trout.

Berkley Gulp Trout Worms come in a variety of colors, including natural, fire tiger, and pumpkinseed.