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Do They Make Left Handed Fishing Reels

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Today's Anglers Want to Know: Do They Make Left Handed Fishing Reels

The Latin word for left hand is sinister.  This alone should give you an idea why being left-handed was such a taboo for a good many years.  In fact, many left-handed individuals were beaten severely when attempting to use their left hands for writing.


This idea of left-handed being taboo is long forgotten.  There are plenty of people who are left-handed and enjoy angling for a variety of species from trout to saltwater.  It makes sense, therefore, to ask the simple question, “Do they make left-handed fishing reels?”


The answer may surprise you – it is an overwhelming yes.


Many professional anglers on various tournament trials are right handed but elect to reel with a left hand.  The reason?  This allows them to conserve movement from casting to reeling.  In the U.S., anglers in tournaments cover vast amounts of water.  Reeling with a left hand allows them to cast, reel and recast with virtually no loss of time or energy.

The best left-handed reels

The vast majority of spinning reels – those reels that rest under the rod and have an open bail system – are normally set up from the factory with a left hand retrieve.  Many models allow anglers to change from left to right hand if they so elect to do so.  However, the majority of anglers choose to leave the left hand retrieve.

Riiai Fishing Reel

The Riiai Fishing Reel – is one of our favorites.  The Riiai comes in four different sizes from ultralight for small trout streams up to a heavy duty size for large saltwater fish and salmon.  The Riiai is reasonably priced and represents an excellent choice for those freshly introduced to left hand retrieve.

Most people after growing accustomed to a left hand retrieve will eventually look for a baitcasting reel to meet their angling needs.

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

The Piscifun brand is relatively new to the angling world but is fast gaining excellent traction among recreational anglers as well as the professionals.  The Torrent is a great option for the left-handed angler.

The fly angler is another who often uses a left hand to reel.  The angler has to strip flies back in with a single hand and have the other hand ready to reel the extra line onto the spool as quickly as possible.  Most people who fly fish do not switch hands after casting.  In fact, many times this is the only time they use a left hand retrieve.


This reel is a workhorse.  Offering line weights from 3 to 8, the Maxcatch is equally at home for trout on small streams as it is on big water.

Angler’s Gear is curious to know if you are a left or right handed angler.  We try to do both as much as we can.  What about you?  Let us know in a comment below as to your preference.  We are always interested in learning more about our followers. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the water!