What Fishing Reels do the Pros Use: The 2021 Guide

Fishing Reels

What Fishing Reels do the Pros Use: The 2021 Guide

Fishing Reels

5 Best Fishing Reels The Pros Use

The serious angler knows the backbone of success is the rod and reel combination.  Anglers who fish with regularity either recreationally or in tournaments know the adage: Garbage in; garbage out is true in the world of angling as it is anywhere else.  In other words – quality is paramount to good success.


The professional anglers have sponsors for their fishing reels.  For the pro, price is never a question.  Those, like us at Angler’s Gear, are not quite as fortunate.  However, with a bit of saving and savvy shopping, there is no reason why you cannot have the same fishing reels the pros use.


The main thing to consider when buying similar equipment is the gear pros use is designed to last.  There is no reason why you should not be able to get many years of solid use from these reels, so consider them an investment.  Here are the reels that Angler’s Gear recommends.

1. Diawa Black Widow

Diawa has been producing fishing equipment for decades.  Their gear consistently ranks highly with many anglers here and abroad.  The Black Widow is a leading choice for many anglers from carp to trout.  Specifications:

  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • Built tough for big fish
  • High quality materials

2. Wychwood Dispatch 7500 Carp Fishing Reel

Wychwood and carp go hand in hand.  The Dispatch 7500 is often paired to the Wychwood rod and for good reason.  Pros who stick by this combination know that when a tournament sized fish is on the line, Wychwood will land it.  Specifications:

  • Backup spool
  • Cranking power
  • Smooth multi-disc drag

3. SHIMANO Ultegra

Shimano are one of our favorites.  This Japanese company consistently puts out winning gear in rods and reels.  The sticker may shock, but the value is there – we promise.  Specifications:

  • Long throwing range
  • Stout materials for long life
  • Whisper smooth drag

4. Diawa Windcast

Make no doubt.  Angler’s Gear team of writers will reach for a Diawa more often than not.  The Windcast is one of the first graphite body reels.  Specifications:

  • Impressive line pick up
  • Sleek solid black body
  • QD – Quick drag system

5. Diawa Tournament 5500 ENTOH

There are three Diawa products on our list.  This should speak volumes to the quality of product Diawa produces.  It has a lower line retrieve rate, but it makes up for this in absolute durability.  Specifications:

  • Saltwater ready
  • High line capacity
  • Left/Right hand retrieve

These five reels are primarly for the carp angler, but the stout design of each one is perfect for other quarry as well.  Those who would tempt salmon and saltwater species will find each of these reels more than sufficient for their needs.  Take on carp in the a.m. and salmon in the p.m. with a change of lure and little else.

How about you?  Do you have a preference for a particular brand or style?  Let Angler’s Gear know in the comment section below.  Hope to see you on the water.

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