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The Best Treble Hooks for Crankbaits

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Introduction: What is crankbait?

A crankbait is a lure used in fishing. It is designed to look like a small fish and has a constant, jerky motion in the water. The crankbait is designed to be cast out and then pulled back, making the bait jerk about in the water to attract fish. Crankbaits are designed to look like injured or distressed prey that is easy for predators to catch.

Crankbaits are considered to be among the most popular and effective lures. They work by mimicking small prey – such as shad, minnow, or even small baitfish with a few exceptions – and often come with two treble hooks on one line at different lengths.


When and How to use crankbait?

The lure is thrown into the water and then retrieved by the fisherman. Crankbaits are usually used in fishing competitions where they require more finesse than what’s needed for other bait such as live bait or artificial lures such as jigs and spoons.

The most common type of crankbait is called a “diving crankbait” which swims near the bottom of the body of water where it was cast off from, so it can be used on larger bodies of water.


Crankbait material

The lure is usually a plastic body with a metal lip or jighead and can be used to fish for bass, speckled trout, catfish, and other species of fish.


The Best Treble Hooks for Crankbaits

Treble hooks are an effective method of attaching bait to a crankbait due to their three points. They are widely used among anglers fishing everywhere from small lakes to open oceans because they are versatile and can be made in a range of sizes.

But not all treble hooks are created equal. Some trebles are better for certain applications, while others might be the best choice for different water types or depth ranges. You can also read our best treble hooks review.

The following includes some of the most popular treble hooks on market today, their benefits and drawbacks, as well as some helpful decision-making pointers that you can use when selecting your next set of treble hooks for cran.


In Crankbaits terms, What is better, a Single or a Treble hook?

A single-hook design may be more effective than a treble hook because of its ability to get closer to the target fish, and the angler’s ability to choose bait size and weight. Single-hook designs also have less risk of snagging on underwater objects. However, many anglers argue that a treble hook is needed for more powerful fish, or when fishing in thick vegetation or brushy areas where snags are common.


Replace the crankbait hook by yourself

It is a good idea to replace the crankbait treble hook to fit it to your needs and your fishing goals.

Ther’re not much to explain of how to do it, since it adds up to pull out the old one and replace it with the new one. You can do it using pliers or your fingers.

However, the right hook strength or size is important in order to determine what treble hook fits your needs. You might want to check our Treble hook size chart guide before buying or replacing the old one.

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