How do fishing hook sizes work?

kahles hook

How do fishing hook sizes work?

kahles hook

Some people may not know how to get started when it comes to fishing hooks. Fishing hooks are an essential part of the fishing gear that every fisher should use. It is important for a person to know how do fishing hook sizes work because if they choose the wrong size, their catch rate will be low and they won’t have any luck catching fish. The first step in knowing how to do fishing hook sizes work is understanding how is fishing hook sizes measured and what types of hooks there are available on the market today.

How are fishing hook sizes measured?

Hooks are measured in millimeters or inches, but the numbers manufacturers use are from #32 being the smallest to 19/0 being the biggest… for the number with # in front, the bigger the number – the smaller the hook, while for the /0 numbers, the bigger the number – the bigger the hook.

When you search the net for fishing hook sizes and stumble upon a number without # nor /0, it usually refers to the # sizes.

The way how are fishing hook sizes measured is by using the size of the gap. The larger the gap, meaning how much space there is between the point and the shank of the hook, determines how big or small it will be.


What is a fishing hook size?

  • The fishing hook size is the actual diameter of the fishing hook. For example, a #12 fishing hook would have an outside measurement of 12/64ths of an inch in diameter or just under half a centimeter when measured elsewhere on that scale.
  • There are different scales for measuring fishing hooks depending upon location and use but they are all based on the same principle.
  • The fishing hook size will determine how big of an animal you can catch with that fishing hook, as well as what types of fish or other sea life it can capture.
  • If your fishing is for use in freshwater then there are different fishing hooks sizes available since they have to be able to catch different types of fish in the water.
  • If fishing for saltwater fish then you need to make sure that your fishing hook size is appropriate for catching marine life and will not rust out when exposed to saltwater.
  • It can be a great idea to have several fishing hook sizes available since this means keeping a variety of fishing hooks on hand and fishing in many different places.
  • There are fishing hook sizes that can catch just about any type of fish or sea life, you just need to make sure that the fishing hook size will work for your needs.


How to know what size of hook you need?

  • If you are fishing for smaller fish then fishing hook sizes can be very small, but if fishing in saltwater or freshwater lakes and rivers then the fishing hook size will need to increase.
  • Since fishing is an art form there isn’t really a “one size fits all” answer when trying to determine what fishing hook size you need.
  • There are fishing hook sizes that can fit into a child’s fishing kit and fishing hook sizes that can be used to catch large fish like sharks, so the range is quite wide in this case.
  • One of the best ways to determine what fishing hook size you will need for your next fishing trip is to look for a fishing hook size chart

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Circle hook
What are circle hooks used for

Circle hooks are designed to be used with circle, round or oval shaped baits. The circle hook will rotate in the fish’s mouth until it is securely hooked.

barbless circle hook
What is a Circle Hook for Fishing?

A “Circle Hook” has a shape of a circle and may be used as a bait for fishing for larger predators such as bass and walleye

Some fishermen prefer them because they release from the mouth more easily than ordinary J-hooks that are shaped like Js or have two points at their ends.

Circle Hook Size Chart
What size circle hooks for surf fishing?

Since man first learned how to take fish from the water, the circle hook has been around. From the bone beginnings of anglers in the Pacific Northwest to modern, high tensile models available for the inshore angler, the circle hook has certainly had a serious effect on the hook and saltwater fishing market.
There are some as far south as Key West, Fla., using circle hooks for everything from bridling for big offshore to bottom fishing on the flats for the occasional shark.