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Where to Buy Barbless Hooks

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Fishing is part of the original ways people in pre-industrial societies would provide for themselves and their families. It was necessary not only to hook the fish but also land the fish. It was vital to have some way to keep the fish on the line under any circumstances. This is why the barb was so vital to the success of the anglers.

Barbed hooks were the standard up until fairly recent years. More and more research pointed to many fisheries struggling to maintain viable numbers. Governmental departments and ministries of natural resources began to look carefully into solutions.

Three solutions were chosen:

  1. A slot limit — where fish can only be kept when within certain sizes;
  2. An amount limit — Drastically cutting the number of fish an angler could keep;
  3. Barbless Hooks for Fishing.

Frequently, like many decisions of the government, these solutions were met with resistance. However, over time anglers realized that the fisheries were improving both in numbers and sizes. Many places began to create trophy fisheries where only a single, barbless hook is permitted to use.

Barbed hooks still continue to carry the largest share of the fishing hook industry, but there is a small niche market for barbless hooks.

One more thing you should know before deciding where to buy barbless fishing hooks is the size system. Barbless hooks get smaller the larger the number. A size #8 hook is larger than as size #22 hook. However, when you are moving to large hooks for saltwater and large lures, the opposite happens. Hooks ending in /0 are called ‘aughts.’ The larger first number means the hook is larger. A 5/0 hook is bigger than a 1/0 hook.

Where to buy barbless hooks?

There are a few places to buy barbless hooks. The first and most likely place people are to shop is the online giant Amazon. Amazon.co.uk has an impressive selection of barbless carp hooks, and the FLADEN 80 Assorted Barbless Curved and Wide Gape CARP FISHING HOOKS is ideal for those who would tempt the carp to a hook.

The Fladen are great, but there is one better hook choice. The Gamakatsu line of barbless hooks is quite possibly the best on the market — hands down. Gamakatsu stands out from the rest of the pack because of the specific manufacturing process. The hooks are made with a proprietary electronic tempering process — letting the hooks be tempered when stable. The results are hooks with exceptionally sharp barbs.

Amazon.co.uk is a phenomenal place to shop for hooks, but there is one major shortcoming: You cannot have the hooks immediately. Prime shipping does offer next day, but there are times when next day shipping is not feasible. You need your hooks and now. In this case, the best place to go is to your local bait and tackle shop. Catch and Release Fishing supports small businesses, and your local bait and tackle shop certainly appreciates your business.

Are there any hooks to avoid?

This is a good question. There are some unscrupulous sellers on various locations, including Amazon, that offer exceptional prices on barbless hooks. These can be very tempting to purchase. The only thing these hooks catch is the angler wallet.

Amazon does allow unedited reviews, but there are some places that sellers can hire people to post fake reviews on the products. Catch and Release Fishing does have a few tips for you to determine if the reviews are valid or fake.

  • Very few reviews — Sellers with only a few reviews on products should be approached carefully.

  • Reviews are glowing — Reviews that seem too good are often false.

  • Trusted products — The gear we review is trusted. Catch And Release Fishing does stand beside the items we review for you.

Catch And Release Fishing is always pleased to offer these high quality product recommendations to you. We hope to see you on the water!