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Best Fishing Brands

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Best Fishing Brands

As sportfishing becomes increasingly popular like-minded brands are coming onto the scene almost daily. To become one of the top brands within the fishing industry, a brand must put out tried and true gear that anglers can count on when the time comes.

From basic tackle to high-end rods and reels, there are stable brands that leave an everlasting impression on fishing enthusiasts for a number of reasons. Price and quality are by far the two most important factors anglers take into consideration when shopping for new gear.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few of the top names in recreational fishing along with their product lines and why they are so beloved within the community.

There is a lesser likelihood for you to be injured when you use barbless trout hooks. The experience of being injured by a barbed hook is painful; hence the use of barbless trout hooks for a lovelier fly fishing experience.

We shall highlight the ten best barbless trout hooks and list each of them’ pros and cons. We shall also give a brief description of the best ten barbless trout hooks available on Amazon.


Shakespeare fishing

Shakespeare has made its mark within the fishing world by producing high-quality rods for any budget. Many novice anglers choose a Shakespeare rod as their first rod, and for good reason! Shakespeare combines quality with affordability to provide simple, well-made fishing rods for both big and small game fishing.

Shakespeare’s subsidiary company, Ugly Stik, has been producing some of the most popular rods in the world since its conception in 1897. Ugly Stik sets themselves apart from the competition with their clear tipped rods constructed using the Howald Process making them seemingly indestructible.


Daiwa fishing gear

Coming out of Japan since 1956, Daiwa has evolved into one of the most sought-after reel companies in the world. Daiwa earned its mark within the industry from its very beginning with their innovative designs and inventions. We can thank Daiwa for coming up with the idea of the world-changing “Open-Faced reel” that gave anglers the opportunity to spool up more line on their reel by removing the cage that typically encapsulated the reel.

Daiwa is the first fishing brand to utilize carbon fiber in the construction of their rods for maximum strength at a fraction of the weight. To compete with industry-standard, Daiwa invented their own carbon fiber material called Z-SVF that allows them to create some of the lightest fishing rods in the world. Daiwa is the go-to brand for many saltwater and freshwater anglers alike due to their notoriety of attention to detail and utmost quality.

Ranger Nets

Ranger Fishing Nets ​

With catch and release fishing becoming increasingly popular around the world, the need for a quality landing net has skyrocketed. Ranger Nets are the top of the line when it comes to safely landing a fish on a boat or riverbank. Ranger has been producing top-of-the-line fishing nets since the start of the company in 1962. Their rubber-based tangle-free nets prevent hooks from being stuck and tangled in the net during the catch, like offering a most comfortable platform that does not cut or cause further damage to the fish on the end of the line.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Ranger Nets are sure to have the perfect option for you! Their innovative telescoping handle makes for easy transportation. Attention to detail regarding fish safety and proper care makes Ranger Nets one of the most popular net brands among catch-and-release fishermen.



When anglers talk about high-quality fishing lures, it’s impossible not to mention Rapala. With hundreds of bait styles and sizes, there is truly a Rapala lure for any scenario whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater fishing. Rapala has been producing award-winning baits in Finland since 1936, which quickly led to Rapala becoming a staple bait company in 140 countries to date.

Each lure Rapala creates is water tested before being shipped off to a retail location to ensure the function and quality are in tune with Rapalas extremely high standards. The most famous Rapala lure by far is the Floating Minnow which has been awarded “Best Topwater Lures Ever Created”, and for good reason! The overall versatility and simplicity of these lures make them an undeniable favorite among novice and experienced anglers alike.

Minn Kota

Minn Kota​ fishing gear

For freshwater and saltwater boat fisherman, Minn Kota is a household name. Minn Kota produces fully electric trolling and outboard motors in a variety of options to fit all budgets and fishing needs. Electric motors are ideal for preserving waterways by not emitting any harmful chemicals such as oil, gas, or hydraulic fluid. Minn Kota motors are easy to use and extremely reliable.

Minn Kota’s “Spot-Lock” feature on their i-Pilot and Link devices allows the angler to remain in the same GPS coordinated location despite current speed or wind. This feature is a favorite among anglers to keep their hands free and mind focused on the task at hand; catching fish! While the cheapest Minn Kota motors are controlled with a hand throttle, many upgrades are available to utilize your feet for steering and acceleration along with a remote option to control your direction without having to be right next to the motor.

PENN Fishing

PENN fishing gear

From rods and reels to conveniently designed tools, PENN fishing has changed the fishing game in an immense way. Popular among saltwater anglers, in particular, PENN produces high-quality gear for any fishing scenario whether it be a relaxing day of surf fishing or a day of targeting big game fish in the open water.

Using a large rod and reel combination makes it much easier to bring fish to the boat quickly while reducing the risk of unneeded damage being done to the fish. Lightweight rods can put unneeded pressure on fish and should be avoided unless you intend on keeping your catch.

Eagle Claw

No matter how you prefer to fish, having a set of hooks from Eagle Claw in your tackle box is always a good move. Coming out of Denver, Colorado since 1925, Eagle Claw prides itself on being one of the only fishing hook brands to be completely made within the USA. Eagle Claw designs and produces many hook shapes to account for all fishing styles.

Eagle Claw’s barbless fishing hooks are specially designed for catch and release fishermen. Barbless Hooks for Fishing cause less damage to the fish’s mouth and vital organs resulting in a longer, happier lifespan. Barbless hooks should always be used during catch and release fishing to lessen the risk of causing irreversible, and sometimes fatal, injuries. Not only do barbless hooks help the fish return safely to the water, but they also pose less risk to anglers themselves when accidents happen.


Berkley fishing gear

Berkely has earned its mark in the fishing world by their ever-expanding line of hard baits, soft baits, and gear. Berkeley designs its gear with the average fishermen in mind by creating affordable, yet effective, fishing solutions. Berkeley’s PowerBait has topped the charts many times as a favorite bait choice among trout and salmon anglers for its surprising results. Berkeley developed special scents for their plastic baits that can entice even the most finicky fish to bite.

Berkley aims to improve the longevity of fishable waterways by developing the Berkely Conservation Institute (BCI). This program utilizes Berkley’s science and technology to learn more about fish along with the practices needed to be put in place to ensure a healthy population.

Googan Squad

Googan Squad fishing gear

Although fairly new to the fishing scene, Googan Squad has quickly made it known they are here to stay. From their quirky videos and social media presence to their impressive bait lineup, the Googan Squad does it all! What started out as a small soft plastics company has quickly evolved into a quality brand for rods and hard plastic baits. Googan baits are extremely versatile with the sole intention of catching monster fish, no matter your fishing style or skill level.

Googan Squad changed the way anglers see a fishing brand. Based on having fun and being with friends, Googan Squad is a family-friendly brand perfect for introducing novice anglers to the sport of fishing.


Lew's fishing gear

A list of the top brands in fishing is never complete without mentioning Lew’s. What originally started as a desire to produce a more consistent line of fishing rods led them to become one of the most admirable fishing rod companies in the world. Lew’s rods were originally crafted from finely catered bamboo reeds to remain extremely lightweight with unmatched durability, which began by its founder Lew Childre in the 1940s. Today, their most popular rods by far are the graphite Speed Sticks; which led to their invention of the Speed Spool bait caster reel.

Lew’s innovation from the early days quickly put anglers’ minds at ease when forking over hefty sums for their products. “Fishermen will pay more for a better product”  is a phrase that was taken quite literally throughout the history of this impressive brand. Lew’s has invented many many products over the year completely reinventing the way anglers thought about fishing gear.


At the end of the day, fishermen are loyal customers that appreciate well-made products aimed directly at improving the overall fishing experience. With catch and release fishing becoming more popular among experienced and new anglers alike, it’s comforting to see so many companies made initiatives designed towards the well-being of the fish itself.

There are too many brands to name in one article, but we feel these brands mentioned above earned their place by only putting out the best products possible as a range of price points.