What is a Circle Hook for Fishing?

barbless circle hook

What is a Circle Hook for Fishing?

barbless circle hook

A fishing hook is a metal, wire, or plastic device attached to a line that many people use to catch fish. It is usually baited, hooked, or embedded in the fish’s mouth or flesh so it cannot escape.

A “Circle Hook” has a shape of a circle and may be used as a bait for fishing for larger predators such as bass and walleye

Some fishermen prefer them because they release from the mouth more easily than ordinary J-hooks that are shaped like Js or have two points at their ends.

Fishermen believe that this results in less gutting of the catch onboard the boat.

Why Use a Circle Hook?

Circular fishing hooks are a new innovation in the fishing world. They offer a number of advantages over traditional J-hooks.

The advantages of using a circular fishing hook include:

  • The circle hook is well-suited to catching non-target species such as turtles, birds, and seagulls because the birds can free themselves from a circular hook without damage.

  • The circle hook has a better chance of penetrating soft tissue and since it doesn’t cause the fish much pain when it’s hooked, they have less chance of being damaged when they are being reeled in to be caught.

  • Circular hooks also have fewer sharp point which means that there is less chance for them to catch on any rocks or other debris when you reel in your catch.

The main advantage of using a circle hook is that it will give you a much better chance to land your fish as opposed to other fishing hooks.

How to Tie on a Circle Hook for Fishing Successfully Every Time

There are various ways to tie on a circle hook for fishing success. One way is using bait and wrapping it around the shank of the hook so that it’s secure against the pole.

Another way is to place your thumb over one eye of the circle and wrap up until you reach its other eye. Make sure that there’s enough left untangled at the end to secure it around

Conclusion: Instantly Improve Your Catch Rate With This Simple Change Today


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Circle hook
What are circle hooks used for

Circle hooks are designed to be used with circle, round or oval shaped baits. The circle hook will rotate in the fish’s mouth until it is securely hooked.

Circle Hook Size Chart
What size circle hooks for surf fishing?

Since man first learned how to take fish from the water, the circle hook has been around. From the bone beginnings of anglers in the Pacific Northwest to modern, high tensile models available for the inshore angler, the circle hook has certainly had a serious effect on the hook and saltwater fishing market.
There are some as far south as Key West, Fla., using circle hooks for everything from bridling for big offshore to bottom fishing on the flats for the occasional shark.

What size circle hooks for striped bass?
what size circle hooks for striped bass

The anglers on the east coast of the U.S. know their preferred quarry in the saltwater is the striped bass. Striped bass, stripers, linesider, rockfish, cows or whatever moniker the fish has, is an anadromous species, meaning it can tolerate freshwater as well as saltwater.
Anglers who live for the striped bass know the species will take a variety of artificial baits, but the number one thing they use on a regular basis is live bait. There is no better hook for live bait than the circle hook.