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Traditional fishing

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Traditional Fishing

Traditionally, fishes have been caught for as long as we can tell. Even without the new efficient fishing gear we know today, reliable local fishing methods were the common aura amongst fishers. Traditional Japanese fishing like the Tenkara fly fishing is one of the significant traditional fishing methods that are well known for mountain stream trout fishing. Most of these old-aged fishing methods have been abandoned for the new-age fishing methods.

The recent methods of catching fishes are pure evolution and improvements from the traditional fishing method that was in play. Fishes are good sources of protein, making so many communities dependent on fish for decades. Also, fish served as a source of income to those who understood the different reliable methods for capturing them.

Only a few of the known traditional fishing methods are still used today. However, let’s explore some of the used and common traditional fishing techniques

Spear Fishing


There is no way we’d talk about old reliable traditional fishing methods without having to mention spearfishing. Spearfishing is an age-long fishing method that so many communities and people have used. Although it’s not so common amongst fishers today, spearguns are now used as a modernization to the regular wooden spear used for piercing through fish in traditional techniques.

The fish species worldwide are pretty different, so spearfishing in different communities could not be the same irrespective of the fact that the techniques are quite similar. 

Spearfishing is the act of throwing a spear targeted at a fish. To do that effectively, you’d have to lurk, waiting for the fish to come into your line of view before throwing your spear.

* We can’t rule out any type of fishing, however, we vote and promote Catch and release fishing so naturally, spearfishing does not comply with our mission 🙂

Traditional Angling

Suppose you already know so much about modern-day fishing techniques like angling. In that case, you’d be left to the imagination as to what exactly the difference is from the traditional angling method. Think about it! What do you think would differentiate the modern angling technique from the traditional angling technique?

You might wear yourself out trying to sport the difference in both techniques. Ideally, there is no difference in the fishing techniques. The use of vintage equipment like the Center pin reels, Bamboo rods, Quill floats, and the Wicker creel is what makes up all the difference from traditional angling to modern-day angling.

Just like you have it today, traditional angling is the means of catching a fish with the use of angle (Barbless Hooks for Fishing) that is attached to a fishing line that’s attached to a rod. Angling is quite useful for catching fishes alive. Catch and release fishing also uses angling because it suits catching and then releasing the fish.

Traditional Fishing Floats

We can agree that barbless fishing hooks are essential parts of fishing. However, the traditional fishing float is age-long traditional fishing equipment used to keep fishing bait at a precise depth in the water. The fishing float also helps detect when a fish is already trying to eat the food on the bait. Fishing floats come in very different sizes and shapes.

Interestingly, in traditional fishing techniques like traditional angling, the fishing floats come in very handy and helpful. Here’s why floats are important in traditional angling: Detection. Floats are not heavy. As a result, they can stay above water while keeping the hook in place and below water. Earthworms are placed on the bait. Immediately fishes are attracted to the bait; they come to eat off the earthworm and start pulling. You can easily detect that fishes are eating off the worm when the float starts getting pulled inside the water. Floats would help you detect all of this, and then you can know when to pull it to get the fish hooked.


You can tell that fishing is a fun activity. The evolution of technique and fishing equipment has made fishing so much easier and a lot more fun. However, we cannot distinguish ourselves from the fact that modern-day fishing methods are coined from what we knew to be a traditional fishing