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Single Hook Barbless Trout Lures

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Single Hook Barbless Trout Lures

Ask almost any angler what the best freshwater fish to hunt is, and the royal trout is likely to top the list.    Wary, exceptional fighters and at times, the bane of those who would tempt them with rod, reel and lure, the trout is certainly one fish countless do enjoy pursuing.

The freshwater trout is one of the most sought after species and one of the most protected.    There are several bodies of water, streams and rivers in particular, with very strict rules on catching.    More often than not the rules come down to two: single, Barbless Hooks for Fishing and release.

It is here the fly angler will shine.    Catch And Release fishing has many tales of trout caught, released and left to fight again on fly and spin tackle.

Those who do not fly fish, however, and choose to say with conventional tackle are not left out of the trout experience.    There are trout lures that lure even the most difficult to catch trout from the waters.

Barbless Artificial Lures - Rebel #1 Micro Critter Tackle

Three standard lures, and all designed to catch trout, panfish, walleye and whatever else may bite.    One of the leaders in the artificial lures with barbless hooks yet realistic lure industry, Rebel was one of the first companies to offer an alternative to expensive wooden lures in favor of plastic.

For trout, the crawfish lure is almost unstoppable with one exception – there is only one color in the pack.    However, single lures in various colors are available.    As it is will all three lure types.

The lure pack contains:

  • Three lures: crawfish, cricket and floating minnow

  • The crawfish and cricket can be floated on top or used as a crankbait

  • Single, barbless trout hook for quick removal and return to the water

Goture Fishing Spoon Lure Reflective Spoon Lure

Take a single piece of metal.    Flatten it.    Put a slight curve into it.    Put a hook on it.    Start fishing.

The spoon is this simple.    The spoon is so simple, but the spoon produces consistently when little else will.    Change the size of the spoon, and go from small trout to large salmon and all in between.

Goture makes some excellent spoons.    Spoons with:

  • A large variety of colors for different fishing environments

  • Multiple species

  • Wounded baitfish appearance

  • Single hook set up

Rebel Lures Bluegill Square Bill Crankbait

What made the Rebel lure company explode onto the fishing circuit was not only the inexpensive plastic lure, but the plastic itself.    Rather than needing to be painted onto the lure, the color is a part of the plastic used on the lure.    This meant lasting longer from repeated fish and a much more realistic pattern that mimics baitfish.

The Bluegill crankbait is a fairly new entrant into the Rebel line but offers an array of fish catching advantages like:

  • Shallow running or surface action

  • Internal rattle to stimulate fish lateral lines

  • Barbless treble hooks for better landing and release

Bassdash Fly Fishing Flies Barbed or Barbless Fly Hooks

Single and barbless at one time was for flies and fly anglers only.    This is not the case any longer.    There are plenty of people who enjoy fly fishing but not fly tying.  For these anglers, an impressive selection of pre-tied flies is perfect.    Particularly when the flies have:

  • A selection of barbed and barbless flies

  • Commonly used patterns for all species

  • Reusable fly box

Catch and Release Fishing wants everyone to have a good time on the water and practice good conservation habits.    The fish you release today could be another’s tomorrow.    We hope to see you on the water.