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Single Hook Barbless Spinners- Top Choices for 2021

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Single Hook Barbless Spinners -- Top Choices for 2021

Fly-fishing is not an approach for those who lack patience and time to learn how to cast correctly. The expense notwithstanding, fly-fishing is certainly not for everyone.

Children, in particular, are ill-suited to fly-fishing. Most of the children introduced to the sport of angling and catch and relief fishing are better served with standard spinning gear for a few different reasons:

1. It is easier to learn how to cast.

2. Cast, and retrieve keeps their interest high.

3. The opportunities of catching fish is much greater on standard tackle.

Children are not limited to standard spin gear and tackle as anyone with an interest in fishing can use these lures with relative ease.

Sadly, finding these single hook barbless spinner lures is all but impossible. The vast number of these single hook lures have barbs. Fortunately, there are three options you have available:

1. Use pliers and push the barb down back onto the hook shank.

2. File the barb completely off with a small file.

3. Replace the hooks with a Barbless Hooks for Fishing.

Of the three, Catch and Release Fishing go by #3. Replacing hooks is easy, and you can replace the standard hook with one of considerably more sharpness and quality.

Enough on this, however. Here are the ideal lures we have found.

1. Panther Martin Classic Single Hook Fishing Spinner

Panther Martin is one of the absolute greatest single hook spinner lures available on the market. These relatively simple looking lures have produced fish for generations. If it works, why change it?

  • Several tried and true patterns available

  • Available in single lures or packs of three

  • Works well with trout, panfish, salmon, perch, pike and others

2. Goture Fishing Spoon Lure Reflective Spoon Lure

The spoon is one lure we have talked about considerably and for good reason – the spoon produces and produces well. This particular spoon continues to be one of our favorites. It is a hope it becomes one of your favorites too.

  • Curved and twisted slightly for optimal flutter through the water

  • Large ring makes tying line easy

  • Over 12 colors, coming in packs of two

3. Mepps Flying C Single Hook Fishing Lure

Spinners are not only for trout, panfish and the like. There are some spinners that are large, heavy and designed for big fish. Salmon anglers are certainly aware of spinners. Mepps is a classic lure and belongs in any tacklebox.

  • Two blade sizes available

  • Variety of salmon attractive colors

  • Silver and brass plate blades for maximum flash

4. Mepps Aglia and Black Fury Spin Fly Wooly Worm

We talked before about using these very lures — a wet fly tied onto a spinner. Mepps has them premade for you. Check our other blogs on how to make your own.

  • Hand tied fly with real hackles

  • Polished brass blade

  • Mepps quality beads — some of the best on the market

5. OROOTL Fishing Spinnerbait Lures Buzzbait

Imagine someone coming up to you, poking you repeatedly on the shoulder and saying, “Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.” Eventually, you would want to smack them in the head. This is what a buzzbait does — trigger strikes out of sheer anger.

  • Packages of six or 12

  • Colorful jig heads and skirts

  • Allows anglers to cover lots of water in a short time

Catch and Release Fishing is hopeful you will take the time and turn these lures into a barbless equivalent before heading to the water. The soul of quality conservation in angling is catch and release. Catch, land, photograph and release. See you on the water.