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Shimano Vanford Review

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Shimano Vanford Review - A New Or A Renew Shimano?

The Shimano Vanford is an all-new series launched in 2020. This is an ultra-light, spinning reel. It is a relatively small reel, weighing in at only ~6 ounces. Despite the size of the reel, it has been designed with features to enhance fishing performance and longevity.

This model of spinning reel comes with a soft-touch rubberized handle which helps prevent hand cramping after long periods of use. In addition, this feature also provides added comfort when reeling in fish during a fight. The spool reads “Vanguard” across the face which looks sharp and adds to the aesthetics of the overall design. This model not only resembles a bigger version of its counterpart CI4+ reels but also performs similarly as well. The carpenter alloy body reduces weight while adding strength for those big fish days on the water.

The Vanford reel features a smooth 7+1 ball bearing system with a quick-fire pin which makes for an ultra-fast retrieve. The line guide system is exposed which is a feature not found on the original CI4+ reel, but this has been added to help protect the exposed bearings from debris and other objects entering the exposed bearing system.

The Vanford also features an improved handle knob design compared to its predecessor, for easier grip and reduced cramping. This model of a spinning reel is made with anti-rust gearing and drive shafts which means it can be used in both fresh and salt water without concern of corrosion or rust build up over time.

The Vanford reel is perfect for junior, intermediate to even some expert-level anglers.

– Ultra-light spinning

– 7+1 ball bearings with quickfire pin

– Carpentry alloy body

– High durability gears/driveshafts

– Soft-touch non-slip rubberized handle

– Anti-rust gearing/driveshafts

– Exposed line guide system for less clogging

Pros of the Shimano Vanford Reel:

+ Proven quality from previous models

+ Improved handle warping over previous models, anti-rust gearing, more durable driveshafts makes it a more reliable choice compared to its predecessor, the CI4+ model.

+ CI4+ Body: The Multi-Grip isn’t available in black as it was previously, but is now offered in a blend of colors. The original CI4 has been updated into this more advanced form known as the CI4+. This highly technical carbon material has 2.5 times greater stiffness than the previous version, the CI4. While lightening and stiffening the body, it’s also getting smaller and lighter.

+MGL Rotor: The new MagnumLite Rotor shape generates more light rotation than its predecessors. The rotor form is now asymmetrical. The bail arm mechanism, which was previously on the same side as the line roller, has been transferred to the opposite side. The addition of a wrist strap effectively tightens the critical zone and improves balance, allowing for sensitivity to unexpected depths that are 14% higher than previous models.

+Hagane Gear: At the core of the reel, the HAGANE Gear is incredibly strong and durable. With cutting-edge technology, Shimano provides you with long-lasting smoothness and pleasure that you feel when you first try a reel, over and over again. The teeth of the drive gear are not cut. Instead, by utilizing Shimano’s cold forging technology, the entire surface is calculated in minute detail and then molded into shape by a special 3D design.

+ MIcroModule Gear II: Shimano’s proprietary manufacturing technology further improves the gear tooth surface design, MicroModule Gear II, and State-of-the-art, gear tooth surface design with MicroModule Gear II. The surfaces of the drive gear and pinion gear have been reexamined and rebuilt from the bottom up in search of perfection. In order to enhance smooth gear operation and reduce noise.

+ Silent Drive: Every component, from the overall structure to the most complicated elements of the drive train, such as the drive gear, worm shaft, wormshaft pin, and wormshaft gear, has been meticulously examined and any minimal clearance gaps or wobbles have been completely eliminated to the greatest tolerances.

Shimano Vanfrod Reel Capacity

The Shimano Vanfrod has a reel capacity that ranges from 60 yards for a 6lbs test mono in the VF500F model, and, up to 270yds for a 2lbs test mono in the VF1000F model.

Shimano Vanfrod Reel Weight

The Shimano Vanfrod weighs from 5.3 oz to 7.8 oz, depending on the model.

Shimano Vanfrod Reel Handle

The Shimano Vanfrod has a cork handle with quality rubber work to prevent slipping out of your hand when you are reeling in fish. The speed of reeling can be changed by removing the side plate and adjusting the gears inside.


Does Shimano Vanford are good reel?

The Shimano Vanford is an excellent option for light-to-medium tackle users looking for a lightweight reel.


Is the Shimano Vanford good for saltwater?

The Vanford is built of Shimano’s CI4+ construction, which delivers lightweight yet sturdy and durable fabrication. The 3000 Vanford Model and above feature a cross carbon drag to endure strong runs and high drag pressures while still being suitable for both fresh and saltwater use.


When did the Shimano Vanford come out?

The Vanford came out in 2020 and were introduced on Amazon in July 2020.


Which Shimano reel is best?

The number on Shimano reel is the Shimano Stella SW!

In conclusion, Shimano’s newest version of this classic reel comes with all the high-end features one would expect from a great fishing reel along with a host of new design changes that improve on what was already a near-perfect product.

Shimano Vanford Review

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