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Five Saltwater Jig Heads Reviewed Plus All The What's and How's

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What are Saltwater Jig Heads

Saltwater jig heads are weighted hooks designed to provide casting weight and additional action to soft plastic lures. Jig heads are a great way to have a ‘custom’ lure on your fishing line that is more suited for the game fish you’re trying to attract and the current condition.

While there are lots of people who know about jig heads for freshwater fish, not many people realize that there are also saltwater jig heads available. In this article, we look at the best jig heads for your next fishing excursion.

How do I Choose the Right Jig Head?

There are numerous ways that you can choose the right jig head for your next fishing trip. You’ve got to consider what fish you’re trying to catch and what environment you would like to fish in.

There are numerous jig heads available. Some are better suited for fish that prefer prey of certain sizes or shapes. When choosing a jig rig, you might get some recommendations of what the jig rig is good for.

Another thing to consider is whether the jig head is going to be able to cope with saltwater. When you’re fishing inshore or offshore, you need a rig that is more suitable for harsh saltwater.


Here are some of the best jig heads for you to consider.

Mustad Classic Yellowtail Snapper Jig Head

Mustad Classic Yellowtail Snapper Jig Head

Any hooks review must include Mustad hooks. One of fishing world super-brands. 

The Mustad Classic Yellowtail Snapper Jig Head has all the supreme technology Mustad has to offer:

We’re big fans of Mustad’s HyperPoint hooks, which use the brand’s UltraPoint technology to provide incredible sharpness without sacrificing strength. You may cast without changing your lure or sharpening hooks because UltraPoint hooks are 20% sharper and intended to stay sharper longer.

The patented Mustad Grip-Pin technology features a molded resin pin that firmly fastens a diverse range of baits to the hook, ensuring a “no slip, no slide” design that extends the life of your bait.

The wire-cutting tool is primarily used for removing fishhooks and hooks from the fish, but it’s also useful for maintaining lines or repairing them. The Nor-Tempering process provides three times better tensile strength compared to steel without being brittle. There are no broken point, so more fish may be caught.

Strike King Saltwater Flats Jig Head Bait

This jig head series comes in numerous sizes as well as four different colors. The available colors include red and chartreuse, which means you can buy saltwater jig that you can use in any water condition.

The saltwater flats jig head features a black nickel chemically sharpened hook. There are lifelike 3D eyes that are reflective to ensure that your target game fish are lured to your hook. The rig also has a functional head and is made with chip-resistant paint.


  • Comes in numerous sizes.
  • There are four colors to choose from.
  • Realistic look and design.
  • Resistant to damage from saltwater.



There are five sizes to choose from with these jig heads. They are white in the main design but include a red-eye that looks realistic enough that your chosen game fish should be attracted to your line.

This pack has ten within it. Therefore, you can be sure that if a fish does damage your jig head, you won’t run out and you can continue to fish.


  • A pack of ten jig heads.
  • There are five sizes to choose from.
  • A red-eye to look like a prey item.
  • Perfect for clear waters.

Z man, Texas Eye Jig head

Z-man, Texas Eye Jighead

This jig head is perfect for murkier waters with a chartreuse color finish. Z man three-pack allows you to have spares on any fishing trip and with the oversized, 3D eye, your game fish will be attracted to your lure and plastic bait.

This jig head is heavy-duty, so can take some damage from fishing exercises.


  • A pack of three.
  • Has an eye design to attract game fish.
  • Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Has a soft bait keeper that prevents baits from sliding down the hook shank.

Jiatai Fishing 10Pcs Jig Heads

Jiatai Fishing 10Pcs Jig Heads

These ¼ oz jig heads are the perfect option for those who are looking to catch bass in saltwater. The leaded head will provide lures with a perfect look of prey items that your game fish will be looking for. There is also a double anti-slide annelure on the step that offers better support for soft lures you might use.

There are six different sizes available and they come in packs of ten.


  • Comes in packs of ten so you’ve always got spares.
  • There are six different sizes available.
  • Looks like a fish head to attract your game fish.
  • Better support for your fishing line.

Temorah Fishing Lures Jig Heads

These jig heads have vibrant colors and a long-lasting powder-coated paint to be attractive to fish. These jigs come in a wide range of colors including white, black, pink, orange and chartreuse.

Several different sizes are available.



  • Different sizes allow you to choose what size you want for the game fish.
  • Lots of different colors you can use in shipping.
  • Realistic-looking eyes to attract the attention of gamefish.
  • Can be used in saltwater and freshwater.


Here are some frequently asked questions for jig heads.


What fish are jig heads good for?

Saltwater jig heads are there to attract fish of numerous sizes. Some great jig heads can catch redfish or trout. Though others can certainly be caught depending on the size of the jig head.


How do you rig salt water for jigging?

There are numerous ways to rig your line for saltwater fishing. It depends on the location you’re in and the game fish you’re trying to catch.


Does jig head color matter?

Color is very important when it comes to fishing and the clearness of the water is something that determines this. Clearwater fishing is often best suited for red. If you’re fishing in murkier water, chartreuse is a better color because fish will pay more attention to the jig head.


How do I know what color jig to use?

Color is determined by the clearness of the water. But there are also some game fish that prefer specific colors. So take along as many jigs as you can on a trip and assess the water conditions and consider your catch before selecting the jig to use on the day.


When should you throw a jig?

There are many good times to throw a jig. If you’re in shallow water you should throw a jig when there is a lot of cover for your game fish. The jig should draw them out and you could catch your fish a lot quicker.


Do I need a sinker with a jig head

You can use a sinker with a jig head to add more weight. It can improve casting ability and for helping you to fish at a deeper depth. However, there are numerous weight options and styles for jig heads and it is not a common practice to use a sinker with one.


Final Word: What are the Best Jig Heads

There are numerous saltwater jigs available. Above are examples of some of the jig heads you can use for your next fishing excursion.