Anglers Gear (10)


Level: Savvy Anglers

Fits For: All Around Fishing Technics And Environments

Three Facts We Love About It The Most:

  1. Highly Durable
  2. Versatile: Both For Salt or Fresh Water
  3. Great Value For Money


Savvy Anglers

Fits For:
All Around Fishing Technics And Enviroments

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Why is our bundle the better deal?

Bundle Include



Upgrade Spinning Reel

Powerful & Steady

Multiple Retrieves

Silky Smooth



Zero Coating IM7 Carbon Blank

Fuji Guides

Premium Anti-Slip Grips

Tournament Level Performance

Worry-Free Warranty



Thin Diameter

Low Memory

Abrasion Resistance


Fighting Abilities 

  • Upgrade Spinning Reels – The Carbon X features a carbon fiber body, rotor, and side plate, making it one of the lightest in its class at just 5.5 ounces in the 1000 model. The upgrade Spinning Reel is lighter and smoother than the Carbon X, making this little powerhouse ideal for battling big fish!
  • Powerful & Steady – The Carbon X is a powerful reel that can deliver up to 22 Lbs of drag. It features a Reinforced stainless steel main shaft and an upgraded Carbon Fiber Resistance System that improves the drag performance by 15%. With its excellent performance, you’ll be able to enjoy your fishing more!
  • Key Components – The Carbon X features the latest gear-cutting technology, making it smoother and more durable. The CNC machined direct drive screw-in aluminum handle is more robust while still lighter. An EVA handle gives you a comfortable feel in your hand.
  • Multiple Retrieves – The Carbon X features two gear ratios: a lightning fast 6.2:1 and a buttery smooth 5.2:1. This combination is perfect for anglers who want to battle the solid and fast runs of the biggest fish while also being able to finesse in their following trophy catch.
  • Silky Smooth – The 10+1 double-sealed imported stainless steel bearings on each Carbon X Fishing reel are another excellent feature. You’ll be astounded at the smooth operation of these reels. Take the Carbon X to war and emerge victorious! These characteristics are typically found in reels costing far more, but we’re making them accessible for everyone.
  • Zero Coating IM7 Carbon Blank] – The Serpent Series Spinning fishing rods are designed with our high-level IM7, zero coating, X-shaped Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber Blank. This makes the rod 10% lighter and 50% stronger than other models on the market today. With this powerful combination of features, you can expect exceptional sensitivity and incredible power from your rod.
  • Fuji Guides – The high-quality deep, pressed Fuji frame gives the Serpent Series spinning rod enormously increased durability in the most challenging situations on the water by providing two contact points between the frame and the insert. The high-quality Fuji “O” Style Insert provides incredible casting ability and strength.
  • Premium Anti-Slip Grips – The Serpent Series casting rods feature comfortable, anti-slip golf-style grips that provide a sure grip in all conditions.
  • Tournament Level Performance – We work with Professional Anglers worldwide to ensure our products are up to par. The beautiful aluminum and carbon fiber foregrip, quality treated epoxy, precision line wrapping, ergonomic palm curved reel seat, “S” Style hook keeper, and anti-line twist top guide give you tournament performance spin rods without costing a fortune.
  • Worry-Free Warranty – We believe in products’ technology, quality, and durability. Our Total Worry-Free Warranty covers all Piscifun fishing rods for workmanship and materials. We’re always here to support our customers.
  • Thin Diameter – Lunker braid is undeniably the best fishing line for tensile strength. 
  • Low Memory – Lunker braid has little to no spool memory and does not untwist like mono. 
  • Abrasion Resistance – Unique finesse Netherlands PE fiber with utilizing coating make the Lunker braid exceptionally thin in diameter and stands up to abrasion.
  • Sensitivity  –  Thanks to its zero stretch, the Lunker braid transmits information from your lure better than any other type of fishing line.
  • Fighting Abilities – Lunker braid slices through vegetation like a knife