How to bait circle hooks?

Circle hook

How to bait circle hooks?

Circle hook

What is a Circle Hook and How Do You Bait One?

Circle hooks are a more humane way to fish. They reduce the chances of the fish being harmed during removal from the hook and they also increase your catch rates.

Circle hooks are designed to get snagged on the fish’s lip, rather than in its throat. When a fish bites onto a circle hook, it turns its head sideways to try and get off the hook. In doing so, it opens its mouth and this makes it easier for you to remove them from your line.

When you are at the end of your line, make sure the point of your hook is well-exposed. Circle hooks work because they are designed to catch the corner of a fish’s mouth and retract it back towards the fisherman.

Pick the Right Size Circle Hook for the Bait You Have Selected

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The size of the circle hook you use is always going to be proportional to the size of the bait you use and the fish type and size you’re going for. here is a shortlist of circle hooks size for common species:

Trout – From #20 for flies to #10 for spinning

Salmon – From 2/0 to 4/0

Largemouth bass – From #2 to 2/0

Smallmouth bass – From #8 to #1

Pike – From 2/0 to 4/0

Panfish – From #10 to #6

Catfish – From 4/0 to 10/0

You can find more species and hook types and size in our full FISHING HOOKS SIZE CHART page.

The best type of bait for circle hooks

  • A chunk of bait is a good choice for a circle hook because it will stay on the hook better.

  • If your’e going for bass, try one of these: clams, squid, mackerel, menhaden, seaworms, and eels

  • When fishing with small baits or hooks, try to use smaller baits as well. Smaller baits have less length and weight, so they are easier to cast out from shore and from a boat as well as reel in.

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Circle hook
What are circle hooks used for

Circle hooks are designed to be used with circle, round or oval shaped baits. The circle hook will rotate in the fish’s mouth until it is securely hooked.

barbless circle hook
What is a Circle Hook for Fishing?

A “Circle Hook” has a shape of a circle and may be used as a bait for fishing for larger predators such as bass and walleye

Some fishermen prefer them because they release from the mouth more easily than ordinary J-hooks that are shaped like Js or have two points at their ends.

Circle Hook Size Chart
What size circle hooks for surf fishing?

Since man first learned how to take fish from the water, the circle hook has been around. From the bone beginnings of anglers in the Pacific Northwest to modern, high tensile models available for the inshore angler, the circle hook has certainly had a serious effect on the hook and saltwater fishing market.
There are some as far south as Key West, Fla., using circle hooks for everything from bridling for big offshore to bottom fishing on the flats for the occasional shark.