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Introducing Piscifun Fishing

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If you are already an avid fan of fishing or are looking to try out this relaxing and rewarding recreational activity then you are likely to have come across gear from the Piscifun brand. This brand offers a variety of fishing gear and accessories that focus on providing family-friendly items with a professional feel.


It can be hard to know what you need when you start fishing as there can be an overwhelming amount of choices. First, decide on where you’re going to be fishing. Is it a vacation lake or your nearby stream? What fish are you going to be fishing for? And what size of fish?


Then decide how much equipment you’re going to need. Are you casting lines and sitting back? Or are the whole family going to try fly fishing? Think about what you need and put a list together. Once you’ve read our guide you’ll have an idea of all the options available from the Piscifun store and can take a look at the options for yourself.

Overview of Piscifun Fishing

The Piscifun brand is great in that it provides affordable fishing gear. They know that you’re likely to enjoy a range of outdoor recreational pursuits and a busy family life! That’s a lot of expensive equipment to come up with. Boats, bikes, and camping gear all add up. But you also want to buy products that are going to last and be reliable with a professional feel because you want to have the ability to become skilled at fishing. You also might want to be able to enter competitions which you can with their equipment.


Piscifun offers a wide range of fishing gear to suit all different types of fishing. They have the rods, reels, and lines that you need. You can choose additional features to suit different types of fishing such as spinning reels or aluminum equipment for saltwater fishing. Extras such as artificial flies for fly fishing and bags for storing your bait are also available from the Piscifun brand.


All of their products are affordably priced, this could still add up though so if you are new to fishing perhaps try a medium fast, medium weight rod that is suitable for a variety of locations and fish. The family can all try out fishing and then you can build up your equipment as you get more experience and decide what you like and need. If you want to try jigging for example this can be quite intense so you can go out on a chartered jigging boat to see if this type of fishing is for you before making a large investment.


Whatever style of fishing you enjoy you will certainly find plenty of options from the Piscifun brand. They are experienced at fishing and manufacturing fishing gear so you are sure to be in good hands with any of their equipment. It also all comes with free delivery and a one-year warranty.


History of Brand


The Piscifun brand was founded in 2013 by a pair of friends. It’s great to have real people behind a brand that gives the brand authenticity. Their company slogan is ’fish with family’ and they wanted to produce a fishing brand that is affordable and at the same time, high-quality. Because the brand is affordable this means that you are going to be able to invest in a wider range of fishing gear as well. So you can try out different fishing experiences. You can try fly fishing or trolling, it’s up to you.


The brand is all about being able to fish like a pro, while not needing to break the bank buying expensive equipment but at the heart of your fishing it should be about having fun with your family. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your extended family or just you and your dog on kayak fishing. The Piscifun brand is there to enhance your fishing experience.


What’s exciting about this brand is that they work with professional anglers to find out what their products need to produce the best products. This means that with Piscifun fishing gear, with a lot of practice and experience you can become as good as the pros. You have the chance to win big at fishing competitions and post some great pics of your catches.


The pair behind Piscifun, Peter and Ben, both bring different skill sets to the brand. Ben is experienced in the manufacturing of fishing equipment while Peter has experience fishing in locations around the world. Together they have combined their knowledge and expertise and incorporated feedback from avid anglers and their customers to keep producing the best fishing gear they can.


Ben has manufactured fishing gear for over 20 years so you can imagine how much experience he has and knowledge about this. They also listen to consumer feedback as well as research what anglers need which is always a great aspect for any company because it means that they can be innovative and move with future advancements.

Pisci is Latin for fish so the brand’s name defines the focus of the Piscifun brand. It’s that fishing is fun!


Where are Piscifun Fishing Products Manufactured?

There isn’t much information about where Piscifun products are made but their address is based in Beijing, China. The manufacturers of Piscifun pride themselves on their high-quality products with great craftsmanship. One of the founders of Piscifun, Ben has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing fishing gear. So there is a lot of experience and expertise behind this brand.



The manufacturing process is designed to be quick and efficient which means the Piscifun products can be offered at affordable prices while at the same time maintaining a high-quality feel that professional anglers can use.


The Piscifun Product Lines

Piscifun offers amateur and professional anglers a wide range of products to suit fishing in various locations and for different fish. The products they make are designed to be affordable but at the same time that they are suitable for professional use. This means nothing is holding you back from reaching professional skill levels at fishing.


Their main aim though is that you have fun with your family when using Piscifun fishing gear. They have a large range of rods, including fly fishing rods, spinning rods, and casting rods. These come in a variety of lengths and weights. Some are medium fast, some ultralight. They’re also available in different combinations with different accessories. Some come with protective cases which can help keep dirt at bay.


They also offer a range of reels to match the rods available and also for other skilled fishing activities like ice fishing. The Piscifun range offers a variety of lines and lures so you can put together the right set for your fishing trips, including artificial flies for fly fishing and a variety of lines to choose from.


You can enhance your fishing gear with many additional options such as bags designed for fishing trips, that can hold your bait trays and even cool bags. You can purchase the traditional style waistcoat for fly fishing so you keep everything on you. You can even purchase fishing apparel for the Piscifun brand, such as waders and waterproof fishing jerseys that offer great performance. These are going to look great, particularly when out at sea fishing in the ocean.


Your fishing rod will have a reel seat where the reel can be attached. You’ll need to choose the right reel depending on where you’re fishing. For example, if you are fishing in the ocean you’re going to want an aluminum reel that is specifically designed for saltwater. Others are made of carbon for durability while freshwater fishing.


So first of all you need to choose the right reel for the type of fishing, are you using a spinning lure, fly fishing, or using bait? Decide what type of fishing you plan to do, are you going to be casting bait from the shore of your local lake? Or do you fancy trying fly fishing? What fish are available in your location and what size fish do you plan to catch? Remember there may be specifications in your area on what you can and can’t catch so remember to look into this as well.


Once you have a better idea of where you’re fishing, what type and size of fish you want to catch, and what type of fishing you plan on doing you can then narrow down your options for which reel you need to purchase.


There are also jigging reels available for jigging from a boat. You need the right gear for this type of fishing and it can be quite intense! But the fishing gear from Piscifun is so affordable that you can try out different fishing techniques.


The type of rod you are going to need will depend on the type of fishing you are going to be doing and what type of fish you hope to catch. The Piscifun rods are split into three categories, casting, spinning, and fly fishing.


For casting, bait or a lure is attached to the end of an elastic line, and the rod casts the lure out into the river or ocean. Piscifun casting rods are designed to be lightweight yet strong. They also have an anti-slip grip for the handle which is a great idea! These rods come in either one to four pieces, some come with cases, but they are all very affordable.


The spinning rods from Piscifun come in a variety of lengths and weights. They offer great performance and are designed to be used with a spinning lure. All of their products come with a one year warranty which is reassuring.


The final rod option is used for fly fishing. Like other types of fishing, you will want to choose your rod depending on where you’re fishing. Choose a medium-fast rod, of average length and weight to be able to fish in a range of locations. When you’re fishing in a brook or stream for little fish you’re going to want to use a short, light, slow-action rod. This is compared to fly fishing in the ocean where you’ll need a heavier rod such as a 9-weight. Fly fishing rods come in four pieces and the Piscifun fly fishing rod is made of graphite with the traditional cork handle.


Once you’ve decided on your rod and reel you’ll have a pretty good idea of which line you’re going to need. If you plan on trolling, you’ll need a bright woven line for your jigging reel. Their lines have great strength and don’t untwist. It is available in various sizes and at a very competitive price.


If you are fly fishing, you will want to purchase a line weighted to suit the location and fish you plan on catching. The Piscifun Sword is a forward weighted line for fly fishing. It’s available in five different colors and a variety of weights. This line is ideal for trout fishing in a variety of weather conditions. The forward taper is ideal for getting distance when casting your fly.


Only two lures are available on the Piscifun site at present. One is an artificial fish which is an ideal bait for catching a variety of fish including bass, walleye, perch, trout, and more. It measures 10cm and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater but would be particularly ideal for anglers who enjoy lake fishing. It is odor free and environmentally friendly.


If you plan on enjoying fly fishing then you are going to need a set of artificial flies for your lure. Fly fishing is quite skilled as you use the weight of the line to carry the lightweight lure through the air, but it can be very relaxing and rewarding. These artificial flies are best suited for flowing water and ideal for catching trout.



Fishing pliers are an essential tool for all anglers for removing hooks from fish. They are made of a variety of materials that offer strength and long-lasting quality. They are spring-loaded for use with one hand. You want to keep your pliers handy so you can remove the hook as quickly as possible so they come with a handy sheath, belt loop, and a coiled lanyard.


Another important piece of kit you’ll need is a fishing spooler which is used to re-spool your reel with a fresh line. This stops the line twisting and is a particularly useful piece of kit if you’re fishing on your own and you are going to be changing your line often. It can be used with a variety of different reels including spinning, bait, and trolling. The spoolers are also suitable for different rod sizes.


A fish gripper is used for landing your catch and is a great option instead of using a net. It clamps around the fish’s lip and means you can get a good hold of your fish while you remove the hook. It’s a good way to control the fish so it doesn’t thrash around a net removing its slime. They can also be used to weigh the fish you catch because they come with digital scales on the handle. This is a really handy additional feature as it allows you to weigh your catch safely and with ease.


They are suitable for fish weighing up to 60lb and are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish. The handle turns completely around so you can spin the handle to get a good look around the fish you have just caught. And don’t worry, if you accidentally drop your gripper in the water it will be fine if you quickly get it back out because it has been immersion tested for this very scenario. It will manage for 5 minutes underwater! If you are fishing at dawn, dusk, or even night you will still be able to weigh your fish because these grippers have a backlit LCD.


There is a range of bags available for fishing with plenty of pockets and space for all your fishing gear and accessories. They are all either water-resistant or waterproof. There is a variety of sizes from small fanny packs to go round your waist to large travel backpacks with a lot of space.


The fanny pack comes in a variety of colors including camouflage and provides you with a handy place to keep your phone, valuables, and your bait! It also has a water bottle holder. It’s very affordable and this would make a great gift.


Some rods come with a protective case but if yours doesn’t you can purchase a Piscifun fishing case for spinning and bait rods. The fly fishing rod currently available does come with a case. The fishing case is water resistant so ideal for keeping your rod dry and clean when not in use.


If you fancy kayak fishing then you’re going to need a dry bag.This is a great bit of equipment that will keep your valuables, supplies, and accessories dry while spending a day out on the water. An especially useful item if you enjoy kayak fishing in wilder weather! The Piscifun dry bag is durable, waterproof and has a water-tight seal made possible by the roll-top design.


Cooler bags are a great choice to provide some comforts of your day out fishing. You can store plenty of cans, meals, and snacks in the Piscifun cooler bags that are ideal for providing your family with all the sustenance they need for a fun day out together fishing.


There is a small but very functional range of fishing apparel available. They have some performance fishing jerseys that look great and are quick drying. It’s a waterproof shirt ideal for fishing trips on the shoreline, it’s also breathable and will protect you from the sun with a factor of UPF30. You could pair the jersey with the quick-drying shorts available that have five pockets which are great for storing accessories. These shorts are elasticated which is great for all-day comfort.


There’s also a fishing hoodie to add additional layers for when it’s cooler, particularly when fishing at dawn and dusk. This offers UPF50 sun protection and is ideal not just for fishing but a range of outdoor sports.


There is a full waterproof suit available for both men and women. It’s 100% waterproof, lightweight and breathable. Waders are also available in the Piscifun store which is ideal for fly fishing. What’s great about these waders is they have a built-in waterproof pocket for your mobile! The seams are welded to provide a fully waterproof suit but it is breathable too.


Additional apparel available includes gloves and all the apparel comes with the Piscifun brand logo.


Final Word


The Piscifun brand offers a great range of fishing gear and accessories for all types of fishing. They aim to provide fishing fun for all the family, while at the same time manufacturing high-quality equipment that is suitable for professional anglers to use.

So, have fun while fishing but with plenty of practice you have the possibility of getting as good as the pros and you could even enter competitions if you get good enough.


The pair behind the brand has lots of fishing expertise, both in the manufacturing of fishing gear and fishing around the world. They also listen to feedback from their customers and professional anglers so they can keep their products at the forefront of modern advances and provide professional anglers with the equipment they need.


This affordable brand offers everything fun to be able to add fishing to your family’s outdoor recreational activities. So, on your next camping trip how about setting the whole family up with gear from Piscifun and have fun learning a new skill together? And, if you’re an experienced angler take a look at their products, you’re sure to find a product to enhance your fishing trips!