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A quick search on google for fishing hooks price will show you top results from Walmart, Amazon, and a bunch of Chinees stores ( offering cheap fishing hooks you really want to stay away from).

But you probably already know this, and since you did search for the quarry, we guess you might be a newbie who needs more info besides the price.

So, first of all, welcome to the amazing world of angling!

In this article, we’ll try to provide you with some useful information on what you should know before buying a fishing hook so that when the time comes to buy one (or more) for yourself, you’ll be better prepared.

The Fishing Hook Brand

One of the things in which we need to invest in is definitely good quality hooks. A brand name will come in handy here not only to make sure you get high-quality products but also because it will be easier to find the right size for your lures.

Here is a shortlist of our favorite fishing hooks brands:

Disclaimer: as an Amazon partner, we at Anglers gear earn commissions from sales we refer to Amazon. Having said that, you can rest assured that we only recommend products we have tested and use when we go fishing (which is a lot:)

*Because prices are changing from time to time, we don’t display them on Anglers gear, but we do trust our knowledge to recommend only the best hooks there are.

Also, if (and this is a big if) you are a newbie, we recommend buying (when offered) a multi-sized hook set that will give you the freedom and space to test different hook sizes.

Gamakatsu Offset Shank Round Bend Worm Hook

Gamakatsu is one of our top choice hooks.

The Offset Shank Round Bend Worm Hook would work great if you’re going out to chase a Largemouth bass.

  • Six per pack
  • Size: 1/0 – 5/0 

Owner American 4105 Mosquito Light Wire Super Needle Point Hook

If you’re after Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Crappie, or Pike, the Owner American (MAde in Japan) #6 4105 Mosquito Light Wire Super Needle Point Hook would be A great choice.

  • Pack: 6 – 12
  • Size: #10 – 1/0 

Mustad UltraPoint Demon Wide Gap Circle Hook

The Mustad Demon has a great reputation among anglers and for good reason. 

If you’re going out for Salmon, we would recommend a 1/0 sized circle hook which will keep the fish from being injured when you hook it.

  • Pack: 6 – 12
  • Size: #1 – 2/0 

Eupheng Barbless Fly Fishing Hooks

Eupheng Barbless Fly Fishing Hooks are our top choice when we go fly fishing. 

It has different sizes to cover all your needs, both for wet or dry flies.

  • Pack: 100 – 80 (20 for each size)
  • Size: #18 – #8

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Bass Rigging Kit

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Bass Rigging Kit is a great pick when you are going for bass fishing.

It has a variety of hooks types and sizes to fit any situation plus it comes with all rig’s parts.

VMC O'Shaughnessy Permasteel Treble Hook

VMC hooks are known for their durability. They produce strong hooks to stand any weight you’d put on.

The treble hooks would work for almost any species, but for endangered fish, we recommend barbless fishing hooks.

  • Pack: 25
  • Size: #1 – #6

When choosing a brand, there are many things that should come into play such as trustworthiness, the experience of the company in manufacturing fishing hooks, and reviews from previous customers.

These three criteria are definitely some of those that will influence your decision.

The Fishing Hook Material

There are different materials in which fishing hooks can be made; each one has its own pros and cons. So, what you need is to find the perfect balance between quality and price when buying a fishing hook material. The most common types of metal used for manufacturing them are stainless steel or carbon steel.

Stainless Fishing Hooks:

These are the most expensive ones and usually, they’re used for saltwater fishing because of their anti-corrosion properties, but you should take into account that a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a great quality product.

Carbon Fishing Hooks:

On the other hand, carbon steel fishing hooks are much cheaper than stainless ones because they’re not corrosion-resistant (although it is still quite an effective resistance).

Which Fishing Hooks to Use?

There’s no perfect answer. It will depend on your personal preferences and the type of fish you want to catch. However, if we were forced to give a general recommendation, we would say, go with the smallest you can get away with, without losing the fish.

The reason is that small hooks can still hook nice prey, but not vice-versa. If the hook is too big for the fish mouth there is no way he can bite on your bait…

What are the types of fishing hooks?

Fishing hooks come in different shapes and sizes, there are many types of fishing hook materials to choose from. Fishing hooks can be divided into ten broad categories: Aberdeen, baitholder, J-hook, Jig, circle, octopus, treble, worm hook, Siwash, and seedless, most of them has a barbed and a barbless version.

How do I choose the right hook size?

When it comes to Fishing Hook Sizes, there are many factors that affect the size of the fishing hook you choose, such as the lure or bait type and where to fish. Fishing hooks prices may vary depending on hook sizes so it is important to know what size your lures require before choosing a specific product.

The best way we know to choose the right hook for you is to use our fishing hook size chart 🙂

How do you measure a fishing hook?

A fishing hook size is determined by his gap, which is the curve part that connects the hook shank to its point. Hooks size starts at #32 being the smallest, to size 19/0 being the biggest. If you’d like to get a grasp of the size in mm or inches, we have a Fishing hook size chart in mm \ inches.

Can you catch big fish with small hooks?

Absolutely 100% YES. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you are better off with a small hook than a (too) big hook.

For example, you can hook a largemouth bass with a small #6 octopus hook, not to mention that when you go fly fishing for trout with dry flies, a #14 circle hook would be a perfect choice.

Our take of cheap Fishing Hooks

A good fishing hook is worth investing in. You really don’t want your hooks to catch corrosion after hitting the water a few times. Top fishing hooks brand use top technologies to strengthen and sharpen their hooks so they won’t fail you when your monster catch finely band your rod!

In Conclusion

We hope this article helped you understand and purchase the right fishing hooks for your needs. If we missed any important points, let us know in the comments section below!