Circle Hook Size Chart

Circle Hook Size Chart

Circle Hook Size Chart

Circle Hook Size Chart - Getting your circle hook size right


Getting your circle hook size right is so important! If you choose the wrong circle hook, it may not work for what you’re fishing for.

Circle hooks are great because they don’t gut hook fish like most other types of hooks do. This will prevent damage to the meat and skin of your catch, which can affect how long your catch will last.

There are many circle hook size charts online that can help you choose the right circle hook for your needs, but they’re often not comprehensive enough. here’s a quick reference guide to get you started.

Circle Hook Size Chart for Common Game Fishing Species

Largemouth bassFrom: #2To: 2/0
Smallmouth bassFrom: #8To: #1
Trout Dry fliesFrom: #20To: #14
 Wet fliesFrom: #10To: #6
Slamon From: 2/0To: 4/0
WalleyeLive baitFrom: #2To: #1
CrappieLive baitFrom: #6To: #2
Panfish Live\ Plastic baitFrom: #10To: #6
Yellow perchSmall minnows & LeechesFrom: #8To: #4
Catfish From: 4/0To: 10/0
Pike From: 2/0To: 4/0
Carp From: #8To: #4


Click here if you’re looking for a fishing hook size chart actual size pdf 

After saving your precious time 🙂 go ahead and read The Complete Circle Hook Size Chart Guide

How are circle hooks sized?

Circle hooks are the size as all fishing hooks do, which means the width of the gap, the part that connects the hook shank to its point.

Hooks sizing is based on the # and /0 system, where # is the smaller size from #32 being the smallest to #1 being the biggest, and then it continues to grow from 1/0 to 20/0 is a giant hook.

We’ve conducted a fishing hooks size chart in mm and inches to demonstrate the actual sizes.

What size circle hook should I use?

There is no short answer to this, that’s why anglers use a circle hooks size chart. The range of circle hooks starts at small #20 for trout and goes up to a 5/0 size and bigger when you are fishing for catfish.

It all comes to the fish species and size you are after, as well as the bait you are using. Below is a circle hook sizing chart that will help narrow down the right circle hook for your next fishing adventure.

How do I know what size hook to use?

When it comes to Fishing Hook Sizes, you should determine the circle type. The circle types are divided into four categories: small circle (SC), large circle (LC), semi-dropped point, and regular shank. All of these circle hooks come in different sizes usually ranging from #12 up to #32 for SCs, #1 to 5/0 for LCs, and #12 up to 10/0 for regular circle shank hooks. For circle type with a semi-dropped point (CPS), circle hook sizes range from large circle sized (5/0) down to small circle sized hook (#20).

Best circle hooks

When looking for the best circle hooks, our take is to stick to the brands that have been tried and tested by veteran fishermen. These are hook brands such as Eagle Claw, Mustad, Gamakatsu, VMC, and Owner Hooks – all of which you can find below in our review.

Mustad circle hook size chart

The Mustad company is one of the top producers of circle hooks. They go big when it comes to circle hooks, from Mustad Demon Perfect Circle in-Line 3X Strong Hook #2 being the smallest to the giant size 20/0 Mustad 39937NP-DT Giant Demon Perfect Circle Hook

Mustad demon circle hook size chart

You can’t talk about Mustad circle hooks without mentioning the Demon series. The Demon hook is a staple for any serious big game fisherman and must have been created by an angler who has spent some time dangling from that end of a fishing line before. With its unique design, you get extra strength at the point with no loss in sharpness, and it provides incredible hook sets. It’s been a favorite of anglers worldwide for years now, and you’ll find some serious fish on these hooks every time they go out. The Demon is one of those products that live up to the hype- if you haven’t tried them yet this year make sure you pick yourself up a pack.

Gamakatsu circle hook size chart

Gamakatsu is one of the leading brands when it comes to fishing hooks in general and circle hooks in particular. Gamakatsu developed the Octopus circle hook, which has proven its effectiveness many times over. It features an offset point for improved penetration, increased holding power, and less damage to your catch than other types of hooks available out there. Unlike Mustad, they offer the option of a smaller circle hook starting with a size #8 which is perfect for many fish species like largemouth and smallmouth bass, Walleye, Crappie, and more.

More circle hooks brands to consider

In order to prevent overwhelming data, we want to mention also, Owner, Eagle Claw, and VMC as great options for circle hooks. These brands are known throughout the fishing industry for high-quality products that last a long time. They do not disappoint when it comes to their circle hook offerings either which is why they come up in this blog.

Some common questions

What size hook is bigger 4 or 6?

If you are referring to the left (small) side of the chart, then #4 is bigger the #6. If you are referring to the right side of the chart then 4/0 is smaller than 6/0.

Check our fishing hook size chart in mm to better understand the practice.

What size is a size 1 hook?

Again, if you’re asking about the #1 then it’s would be

Length mmGap mmLength inchesGap inches

If you’re asking about the 1/0 hook then it would be

Length mmGap mmLength inchesGap inches

For all hooks sizes and fish types, visit our full FISHING HOOKS SIZE CHART page

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