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Barbless Single Hook Lures: The Fly Tying Catch and Release Standard

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Barbless Single Hook Lures: The Fly Tying Catch and Release Standard

For quite some time now the fly angler has been using a single hook as a standard method for fishing. The use of a barbless hook is also common for those who would tempt with wisps of wire and feathers. Some specific locations for trophy fish, trout in particular, require two things: a single hook, and the hook be barbless (See also Single Barbless Hook Lures)

However, not everyone is capable with a fly rod and fly. They still depend on conventional rod and tackle but are strict adherents to the Catch and Release Fishing philosophy of another day.    Fortunately, several lures are available for these anglers with the first one being the humble spoon.

Goture Fishing Spoon Lure Reflective Spoon Lure

The spoon is quite possibly the first artificial lures with barbless hooks ever produced and for good reason.    They are quick and simple to make and mimic a standard baitfish. The spoon is as ubiquitous as a rod and reel for many anglers. It makes sense then that a spoon be available as both barbless and single hook.

Goture meets both of these requirements with relative ease with the following characteristics:

  • An impressive array of colors

  • Effective on multiple species

  • Gently curved for wounded baitfish action

  • Single, ultra sharp Barbless Hooks for Fishing

VMC Tokyo Rig

One thing about fly fishing is the introductory costs can be somewhat high. Quality gear does require some decent investment, and if the angler wishes to tie their own flies (Catch and Release Fishing certainly does tie their own and recommend it), there is investment there as well.

Fortunately, there are options for those who would rather not tie their own or at least not yet.    The Bassdash set covers the three basics for the fly angler: dries, wets and nymphs.    All three types are, of course, barbless and:

  • A selection of barbed and barbless single hook flies

  • Commonly used patterns for all species

  • Reusable fly box

Eupheng Prime Assortment Barbless Fly Fishing Hooks

While there are the people who do not fly fish or tie their own, there are a few, a proud few who do fly fish and tie their own flies.    For these people, the hook is quite possibly the most important element of the fly.

Any fly angler will tell you there are days a fish will take every fly but the one they have.    Days like this mean versatility is key.    That versatility is in this box of barbless hooks with:

  • 120 different, barbless hooks

  • Perfect for midges up to streamers

  • All packaged in a plastic box with dividers

Check out our fly fishing hook size chart

These lures and hooks cannot be overlooked in terms of effectiveness on the water.    The lack of a barb does not detract from the sharpness of the hook, and in fact the lack of a barb may enhance the effectiveness of a solid hook set.    Of course, the advantages of the hook set are secondary to the pleasure of the fight, release and day to fight again.