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Why You Should Use Polarized Fishing Sunglasses & 9 of the Best

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Whether you’re an amateur or experienced at fishing, you’ll know that being prepared with the correct kit and accessories is essential for getting the most out of your day. In terms of your kit you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right rod, reel, and lure for the location and type of fish you’re hoping to catch. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got your cool box and storage and nets.

Best Fly Rods

best fly rod

What is fly fishing and how does it compare to other types of fishing? In this article, we find out and take a look at some of the best fly rods available on Amazon at the moment.

Top 5 Shimano conventional reels

Shimano Tiagra 80WA

I love Shimano reels.

I’ve already reviewed their saltwater reels in my Best Shimano Saltwater Reels post, however, saltwater reels and conventional reels are on different planets.

Shimano Stella 8000 Review And Tested

The Stella 8000, or Shimano Stella 8000 SW spinning reel, is, as the name implies, one of the Stella flagship fishing reels series. It has been released in 2019 and takes part in the Shimano’s Stella lineup.

7 Best Bank Fishing Rod Holders

When fishing from the bank it’s good to be able to relax and enjoy your time, not having to work too hard at sitting there holding your rod. Having a Bank Fishing Rod Rack holder will help support your fishing rod so you can sit back, chat with your friends or watch the wildlife around you without having that constant mental strain of holding onto the fishing tackle.

Best Underspin Reel Reviewed

Zebco Bullet Spincast Fishing Reel

Although underspin reels are not new in this sport they have become increasingly popular in recent times with their ability to cast further and land with less force onto the bank. They also make fishing for certain species of fish much easier. The most widely known example of this is Tench fishing where underspin reels are favored amongst anglers because they can be used more effectively on Tench who tend to bury themselves into the mud at the bottom of ponds, lakes, etc…

Best Baitcast Reel Under 100

Bait cast reels are designed to do something different than spinning reels. The baitcasting reel is built with a level wind that plays outline with minimum or no backlash when the angler sets the hook in his fish of choice. Baitcasting reels are also equipped with anti-backlash mechanisms making them far more efficient than regular spinning reels.

7 Best Anti Backlash Baitcaster Reels Reviewed!

Intro: What is a baitcaster backlash? How do you adjust a Baitcaster to fix the anti-reverse system? What causes a Birdnest on a baitcasting reel? How can I prevent my feeder fishing rod from Birdnesting when I cast it out? How do you shorten your line on an open-face baitcasting reel when you are using it for feeder fishing?
In this review, we will be highlighting the 12 best baitcaster combos on the market today. Please keep reading to discover which one might suit your needs best!

10 Best Spinning Reels for Trout (2022) on the Market

Trout fishing is a very popular sport worldwide and it’s not hard to see why. It can be done in both fresh and saltwater, the fish are plentiful and often sizable, and you don’t need to invest too much money into your equipment nor do you need to be an expert angler to have fun.

Best Fly Reel For The Money

Sage Fly Fishing Spectrum C Fly Reel

Best Fly Reel For The Money: Fixed, Spinning, or Baitcasting
You should avoid $30 Fly reels. This reel often falls out over time and has an awkward drag system that sometimes begins to wear out.